Jacket that has been renewed

So, one day my darling was picking over his stuff to see what has to stay for the summer and what is good to go to the trash bin. He pooled out a classic black denim jacket, looked at it and decided it was good to go. What??? I had to stop him here. First of all it was black, second, it was in a very good condition and third, it was his size and not oversized thing like almost all stuff ( why do boys always wear at least one size bigger clothes?) :D I told him I'll turn it into something wearable by adding detail. The request was to make it look Goth/punk but not Visual Key. So I accepted the challenge!

 Here it is after a few changes. I didn't wanted to over do it. It looks great on him some how punkish and dark.

 I sew some details on the shoulders. I had them from an old shirt of mine. I was about to threw out the shirt when a good friend of mine told me to always cut out the cool details in order to use them on other clothes. That was a really good idea :>

I also sewed D rings on the front . These are from an old skirt that got burst. I love D rings. I attach them where ever I can :D Pants, skirts, jacket... Even my BJD doll has a jacket with a D ring on it. Even two. Oh, I love my little boy soooo much :D But this post is about jacket ;)

So, next... Zippers. They make a cool detail too and I always have some around. Not to mention they are cheap. I like them because you can take a plain pair of pants and turn them into this just by sewing some zippers;) So green light for zippers!!!

 Buckles... I don't know what I like more. D rings or buckles.Well, my man loves buckles, so I just hat to add some :) One was around arm and the other was on the back of the jacket. I would have added more, but I only had those two at that moment...  

There also should be a nice back patch like this one. Well,  you can keep pimping your jacket all the time till it will be a one big great story you will show to your  grandchildren :D 

It's me wearing it just to take photos. It looks much better on him ^_^

Gothically Yours....


A day outside

So we went for a walk on a lzy summer evening. It was hot but we managed it somehow :)

Clover. I find them so pure and inocent :) 

                                                A nap in a lea after a big, spicy  ant tasty meal.

Sleeping like a baby :3 I just had to take a photo >:)

It was our 3 month anniversary too. And I got this cute kitty purse as a spontatnious present.


Review: contact lense Piano case

How do you like the new look of my blog??? ;) I like to change it time to time.

So todays post id a review of an contact lense case from Ebay.
I ordered this beautiful case and now it came. I really love the way it looks. Lovely little piano. And its so wonderfully black :)

It's smooth and very nice to touth. It's a size of my palm (7 x 7 x 2 cm) :D and is very compackt.
 I love how the keys stands out.

 So we got lots of stuff inside: a pair of lense tweezers and cases, lense soliuton container, a forceps and a mirror.

I find all of them very useful.If I go somewhere for a sleepover I usally change to glasses in the evening. So I have to cary my lence case and  a big bottle of lens soliution. And I always forget to take them with me on my way home. And now it's everything in one place. Even a mirror and tweezers. Those are verry useful when you wear lenses during a weekend festival where you have to sleep in a tent and not always have a chance to wash your hands properly. I hate tatching my eyse with dirty hands and the lense get all dirty too :( I hope this problem will disapear using a tweezer. Has anybody tried it befor?


They lived inside of me. New creations of mine.

I bought some modeling material last night in order to make some bird skulls but this is what came out. Most of them a going to become brooches others will be pendants . I still need to finish them. It's now in a drying process. Some how they all came creaming...

 The rozen calf


 The fox

 Little peas

 Tortured heart. The eyeballs will be placed into the orbits latter.

The deer skull

Haru - "Stairs to heaven" BJD goodness

Photos of my prince :3 I just must share :P

All clothes are made by me as well as the wig. he's wearing "Bitte me" jewelry. 

You can find tutorial for human version in here.


Lady deer of the forest or enchanted Forest Lolita

Since I made those black deer horns I can not get an image out of my head. An image of Gothic Lolita wearing a horns. More specific -  a magical deer lady in Gothic lolita outfit. So cute:3  She would have hooves and little tail and those adorable horns. Not to forget the face marks... Heres a set inspired by this vision of mine. I do love the dress on the left. I'ts adorable. It's looks more like a coat and a dress to me but still I love it :3
Forest Lolita

This is a drawing I've found that is nearest to my vision of the whole set.

You can find it at Dark Victorian.
I love it. 

I started gathering the set. I got the outfit, horns and other stuff. But I need hooves. And these are perfect. I just need to find a time to make them :) 

Awwww... they are soooo adorable.
So, what do you think about my Forest Lolita ?? :D


Make up: Wings of the butterfly

It's more bright in reality :) But...

Sparkling green, dark brown and electric blue tones (all from Scarady Cat on Etsy. ) 
The colors:

 Essence black eyeliner as always :) .

But I find the red - orange tones to suit me best. Of course Dee's nuts goes perfect with all of them
It's a lovely golden brown. It's darker in reality. I love it :)

The bad thing is that those little bottles I have can easily be opened in your make up bag by invisible force. So a few times I had to clean my make up bag and all stuff in it from magically sparkling shadows... It was such a lost :(  Not to mention that one time the bottle slipped out of my fingers covering my beloved skirt in wonderful sparkling red... Skirt didn't wanted that shadow, I did! Well, it was easily removed so no harm done for the skirt, but still I hate how they spill so easily >:/ 
I love those shadows :(


Modern Lolita and not only

My Red and black Gothic Lolita outfit is ready but there was to bright in the room or is it me who doesn't know how to use a camera. It might be both too :D So, I'll be reshooting the whole outfit. and Probably I'll ask someone for help to be sure the photos will look good :D

Here's a peek. I made it too look like an old photo. The stockings is black/red, the jabot and the cuffs are red as well. The same goes for the bog bow. It has red laces on it ;)

Since I've been playing in Polywore, I prepared a modern Lolita outfit for you. Enjoy :)

Modern Lolita


Red and black Lolita

Lately I lost my head for Gothic Lolita...It's funny how...funny it is :D I always loved the way gothic fashion can vary from sweet and innocent look to almost devilish :D  Well, I guess it's the sweet period for me and it has nothing to do with the thing that my boyfriend is a gothic Lolita fan :D Well, maybe a little bit.  I think this will be a longer phase then usually. But it's such a fun to reorganize my wardrobe and gather new stuff...or reconstruct the old ones. I guess we all time to time need new influence to our wardrobes :D
I got some really useful tips for creating my Gothic Lolita wardrobe at FYaeh Lolita .
It's really helpful if You are like me and want your new style to evolve right now :D It's really great that Gothic Lolita goes almost side by side with Gothic romantic Victorian style. So there are a lot of Item I can combine and mix to create more mature Lolita. At least I'll try. So for this red and black theme I'll give you Red and black Lolita inspiration. Something I would gladly try myself. And I will ;)

Red and Black Gothic Lolita

Red and Black Gothic Lolita by audronasha featuring mary jane shoes

I hope you like it. Next time it will be me wearing black and red Lolita, I promise ;)

Kisses :)

Happy Loly time!


Red and black is back :D

I do love this color combination a lot. And I wear it a lot too. I didn't had special photos for the start, but here are some from real life :D So it counts, I guess :D

Me and my Mr. Lynx (  :D ) on a BJD lovers meeting. 

The outfit is simple. It was a hot summer day, but still I don't like to expose to much of myself to the sun. The jacket I wear is made from the dress. It was to short. so I cut it a part and now I have a wearable jacket and a short skirt for special occasions :D 
 I'm also wearing this top underneath the jacket :)

Well, I guess this photo also fits for the red and black theme :D

Find it at my Etsy store ;)


Sweet Gothic Lolita... Reconstruckted dress

Hello, hellooo. Long time has past since my last post. My apologies for it. But here I am with a new post. it will be just a peek to my newest project - Lolita dress. I had an old dress I wanted to turn into a nice Lolita dress. and finally I did it. :D

My, as I call it... Sweet Gothic Lolita Dress :D

This is how the dress looked before. 

I'm planning to make a full Lolita outfit, with hairdresser, socks and so on.  in next post i'll show you How the dress turned from plane to frilled. :D 

Till then now ;)