Coord post: Black and wine

So, I usually like to work with two colors. On of them of course is black :D  I Find dark red or wine color to be one of my favorite. So I can easily pick matching accessories for my skirt which is usually the item that gets to be other color then black in my coords :) I always look for little details that would match the color of the skirts I have. If it's a hand made one, I always try to leave some fabric for a matching bow or cuffs or anything else that would give a nice touch to an outfit. 

So, the pieces I wear:
  • Demonia heels (they give more mature look that ones from Bodyline so I like to switch time to time).
  • Off brand velvet skirt. Bought second handed And was trimmed with black lace and a ribbon.
  • Pirate jacket - Fan plus Friend bought from a fellow Lolita on EGL sales.
  • Off brand shirt (Ebay)
  • Alchemy Gothic pendant. I'm second owner.
  • Hair: Flower pin (Ebay) and hand made bow clip.
  • Purse second handed. I love to hunt for purses :D

 I like this jacket a lot :) It's quite wide open, so all the laces can be seen :) 

It's funny, but when my closet was all just average Gothic I had a hard time to dress for the occasions like weddings or grand birthdays of my siblings. Now it's easy  :D I won't look too dramatic but still be able to dress elegant and dark. But after all I find that it's hard to stick just to one or two styles. Sometimes I even feel like going cyber :D Lucky for my I can DIY most of the stuff so no big traumas to my wallet. But it still get hurts time to time :D Lolita hurt it the most thought :D I just cant to resist all those beautiful frill and they are way more difficult to DIY ;) Even if I could easily make Lolita JSK, sometime it's nice to have something made buy someone else.


  1. the skirt is supercute, and i love the hat. Great look! you have nice room too :)

    1. thanks :) I try to hide my room since it's personal and belongs not only to me. What did you mean by the hat ? :)

  2. The coord is amazing, I love the color combination, so elegant <3

  3. Lovely coord. That jacket is amazing.

  4. Thanks. Yes, it's a little bit different then jacket I have. I love that it have a high waist line. Perfect for all those fluffy skirts :)