New bjd arrival: ResinSoul Ai

So, I finally got my second BJD. I' am so happy with her. She looks wonderful. It's just what I wanted.

I ordered Resin Soul Ai a moth and a half ago. Usually they are shipped after a month But I placed order near Chinese new year so my order took a little bit longer. But the shipping was super fast. It took only two days to ship her  from Hong Kong to Lithuania.

The box had all needed papers outside so there was no problems with custom :) And that is a big plus. 

 It came in a usual simple brown box. There was no brand box but   instead i found  a brand cappuccino color doll carrier. The color is actually how it looks.

Inside wrapped in a golden soft blanket was my doll.

She came with her horns and a two set of eyes (green and brown ) The horns itself a huge. Actually even I could use them :D

She is nicely thin and and even looks fragile. The hands are really delicate looking and slim.

First thing I wanted to test those hooved legs. She stands really well. You need to take a little time to balance here in a deer bent leg position but she manage to stand like that really nice. I wonder why I never saw photos of her in this position. So I kinda gabled on it. And I love that she actually can pool it off. I really am :D

I already made a whole outfit for her but I'll keep that for the next post. You'll have to bear with this bjd flood a little bit ;) Because am too happy not to brag about her :D


  1. It´s a very cute doll. I love those legs! I want to see the outfit you made for her. ^^


  2. thank you. I though it would a little bit too much for one time. but I'll post it soon enough ;)

  3. That's one cool doll! Love the hoofed legs and horns.

    1. Thank you. I picked her because of her hooves. She is my sweet enchanted creature :)

  4. She look gorgeus, I want to see her custom ^^.