Bat flower pot or anything else you would use it for :D

So here I was, siting with an almost empty pudding container in my hand. And suddenly  a thought came in that it would be perfect size to keep the little plant I got.  My mind started browsing images in my brain's archives and I got an idea that was inspired  by little  coffee cups I've seen and liked a lot. (I would love to own these babies, but have no ideas where to by one.)

 It's very simple way to get your home ready for Halloween without buying decorations from supermarket. It's easy and can fit any size container :) And if you have children ( my friends just continues getting pregnant :D )  it's easy enough to make this with them.
To see the detailed tutorial visit my Cut out and Keep page :)

The wing pattern.

Making the body.

Making the wings :)

While the amount of bat decorations on my walls are growing and already are taking over bathroom the only thing my boyfriend said was:
"I'm not going to stop you".
He doesn't suspect I got an idea for our cat that includes bat wings too >:)
Any way, thanks for taking a look! I hope you'll find it useful ;) 

Gothically yours,


Home decor: Bats! Bats everywhere!!!

So as I continue to decorate my home in Halloween theme I decided it's time for bats. I bought a thin cardboard that is strong enough to keep them firm but is not to strong to allow me cut out five of them at once. I cut the body and wings separately and glued them together. That way they got a nice springing and it was easy to make  bunch of them. It took me less then 20 minutes. They look nice on any object but for now they are landed on my doors.

Here's my pattern if you want to use it ;)

Check out the detailed tutorial on Cut out and Keep if you are interested ;) 


Something new from Deadly Cherries

I almost forgot to show you my new line of jewelry I made recently. I was kinda stuck on old ideas and stopped enjoying the making of jewelry. It seemed to me like I started  repeating some of my works and they looked to similar. So, to get new ideas for my dark jewelry I had to do something else. It's like you leave one field to rest a little bit while you plant in other one. And since I love making my pastel horns I decided to try using some pastel colors in my jewelry. So I made something under name of Pastel Goth. I like the name "Creepy cute"  for this fashion more, since I look at it as only fashion. And word "Goth" for me is more of a life style and inner world thing. But here they are, my darkly sweet collection of candy like jewelry ;)

 You can find the here on my Etsy shop Deadly Cherries


Decorating my home

While people are complaining about rain and chill weather, I can't stop enjoying Fall. And this Fall I decided to improve my home decor. It's already a year since we moved in so I want to make it really cozy.
Is spotted these pillows at m local super market and decided to get them.

I love the deer pillow the most. I would love the same one with deer gentleman looking to the opposite site. But it's the only version. The pumpkins pillow is just for Fall season. I find it cute :D

Next new decoration is the red hand tree I got after our exhibition. Sculpted the hands and made tree as well as painted it  and glued the leaves.

It looks nice and took a place by window :D

Looks nice from outside too :D

 The plants I started to gather are also "living" by the window". I got purple orchid this week. I always forget to water my plants and I've lost many of them. I hope to be a better host this time. Any on easy caring tricks??

And the last thing that appeared in our home is this antique chair. I don't know how much antique it is, but the arms have bronze metal work and other "golden" parts are just paints. I'm leaving it as it if for now, but I'm thinking on recovering it latter.

For now it will be good at it is.


BJD exhibition, cosplay and Japan culture

It's Monday morning, the weekend is over and it was a fun weekend. I don't have all photos yet, but here's some I manage to get.
To begin with I took a part at event that takes place every year and is called "Now Japan". As the site of this festivals states "„nowJapan“ – the biggest traditional and contemporary Japanese culture festival in the Baltic states".
We had an exhibition of our dolls. They were various demons on ancient Japan. Mine is The one in vine red kimono with white hair and spider legs. He was Jorogumo -  a spider, that transforms into a beautiful woman and lures men by playing biwa ( musical instrument much like lute). He then would devour them.

I myself to a chance to dress in full Lolita :) 

Firts day.
I'll have more photos latter. I spotted a few other girls dressed in sweet Lolita. And it  appears that last year there was even a Lolita competition :D 

The second day was more free for us since we didn't have to watch after our dolls and were free to enter and leave whenever we wanted. It was a cosplay contest day so there were much more people in costumes.

We had a chance to meet the Evil Queen from "Sleeping Beauty" :D I loved how she was siting and drinking her coffee, gazing at passing people. She really matched her character :) And we voted for her too :)
And only in his photo I noticed that I and my BF matched each other really well  :D
The only problem was with ventilation. Since we had to stay from early morning till 6 p.m. it was hard to stand that stuffy air in the building. The were no fresh ear and no condition...
The only food was sushi and you wasn't allowed to bring in yours. I forgot to put my bracelets on last day and thought that it was nice to have some jewelry selling stands like I see in photos of other similar festivals ( events). 
I brought home a poster of Black Butler. Some how I was aloud to buy that one, but not the figurine :D And I got my name written in Japanese hieroglyphs.


Framed Pumpkin. Home decor

So, I'm full of ideas as well as bad mood. So I try to chance it away by making something. Here's my last night fruit...or veggie:D
I really wanted some nice orange at home, now I have it. But I want more!! I really like how it looks. It was quite easy. I sculpted the pumpkin from clay and painted it. Everything else was cut out burned to get that old look and glued on framed piece of fabric :)
 Enjoy ;)

Fall season decorations

It's a beautiful Fall in here and I'm enjoying the weather. Halloween is a month and a half away but I want to decorate my home already. So I'm already surfing the net searching for simple tutorials and ideas. I just want this warm spookiness inside my flat.

So first I'll go and search for those tiny pumpkins. They look nice thrown in a big plate and you actually can keep them all year long since they dry up quiet nice.

Next are bats.. On the wall, some on the lamp on the fridge. As for me they would be everywhere!!! :D But lets not over do this.
 Here's some ideas for garland... And not only with bat.

Or you can hang some bats on a tree branch like here...

I had my own bat lamp. I'm thinking on doing it again since kitchen really need a lamp cover.

This was my bedroom lamp.

But this time I'll use Chinese paper  lantern.

I'll leave ones an the wall thought but will add more. 
 I'll make few moss terrarium that would look like mini graveyards

I also want to hang some light garlands by the window that would give soft light and I'm thinking something like that.

You can find that any color you like on Ebay.

I also like these little ghost. They are really easy to make and cost almost nothing.

I wonder what if I would get that bubble light garland in white and would put those ghost on the bubbles... I think it should turn to be a nice ghost garland ;)

Our group of BJD owner are making an exhibition of our dolls in hand made kimono. The dolls will be representing Japanese spirits and demons of old. One of the decoration is a creepy tree with hanging red hands.

 I was sculpting hands for it and this weekend we finished almost all decorations for the stand. The tree turned out pretty wicked so I asked to take it home with me after the event. So I kinda have one. thought I think it might be a problem to maintain it whole since I do believe the kitty will be really interested in those tangling hands...
The event will take place this weekend so there will be some photos of our creations. It turned out really great :D
And I'll be updating with my Fall decorations too ;)


Doll spam. Vampire Count at your services (at mine if to be honest)

I just wanted to share these. I don't have taller body jet for my first male bjd, bur i switched heads to have some time with my soon to be full vampire doll. I ordered couple wigs from Monique. They are expensive but gorgeous. And new knee high jockey shoes should arrive soon. All for mu count Lestat D'Lacrua.
 still need to give him a face up. But he has a full attire already. And I snapped some photos of him :>

He looks so much different then my first BJD.  The family is getting bigger :)


Special outfit, huh?

Well, this one is really special. We had an event at school and our class decided to perform a dance but all our boys ditched it. So who do you think this handsome fella in the middle is?? Oh, its your dear Countess!

Luckily my father is not a very tall man, so his suit from early days fitted me perfectly :D I admit it was strange. I actually even wanted to act like a man. I felt some how different. We pulled a nice act and our performance was success. It was original and funny. (I'll just mention that it was 12 -13 years ago and  in an East European  country :P) 

And other special outfit of mine. I think this was my first ever Gothic or at least close to that outfit + make up. Here I am before going to see Marilyn Manson when he visited Lithuania in 2004. I was so exited!!! You can not see it but I was like dieing out of happiness!!!

I think I'm 21 here. Don't mind the Ice Age guy :P

It's a  sleeveless dress that I wore over tucked up black denim pants and lace shirt. Those sleeves are actually stockings. And I got dark lips for the first time. I felt pretty as never :D There are some photos of me wearing dark make up on younger days but I never actually dared to leave a house like that. It was my first time and it was the best feeling ever!!!