Bat flower pot or anything else you would use it for :D

So here I was, siting with an almost empty pudding container in my hand. And suddenly  a thought came in that it would be perfect size to keep the little plant I got.  My mind started browsing images in my brain's archives and I got an idea that was inspired  by little  coffee cups I've seen and liked a lot. (I would love to own these babies, but have no ideas where to by one.)

 It's very simple way to get your home ready for Halloween without buying decorations from supermarket. It's easy and can fit any size container :) And if you have children ( my friends just continues getting pregnant :D )  it's easy enough to make this with them.
To see the detailed tutorial visit my Cut out and Keep page :)

The wing pattern.

Making the body.

Making the wings :)

While the amount of bat decorations on my walls are growing and already are taking over bathroom the only thing my boyfriend said was:
"I'm not going to stop you".
He doesn't suspect I got an idea for our cat that includes bat wings too >:)
Any way, thanks for taking a look! I hope you'll find it useful ;) 

Gothically yours,


  1. Are you the most clever girl in the world? :) It's simply a lovely idea and tutorial

    1. oh, Linnea, you always price me (blush). Thanks a lot :) I just love creating things. And always love the simplicity that makes it look good and is easy for everyone to make :)

  2. Happy early Halloween! Those are fantastic :)

  3. Incredible how you always post stuff I love! I also have these breakfast dishes in my photo stash and would love to own them, but don't know where to get them.

    I will definetively try this tutorial, tahnk you for providing us with the wing pattern, I'm rather creative but drawing is not my strong side...