Decorating my home

While people are complaining about rain and chill weather, I can't stop enjoying Fall. And this Fall I decided to improve my home decor. It's already a year since we moved in so I want to make it really cozy.
Is spotted these pillows at m local super market and decided to get them.

I love the deer pillow the most. I would love the same one with deer gentleman looking to the opposite site. But it's the only version. The pumpkins pillow is just for Fall season. I find it cute :D

Next new decoration is the red hand tree I got after our exhibition. Sculpted the hands and made tree as well as painted it  and glued the leaves.

It looks nice and took a place by window :D

Looks nice from outside too :D

 The plants I started to gather are also "living" by the window". I got purple orchid this week. I always forget to water my plants and I've lost many of them. I hope to be a better host this time. Any on easy caring tricks??

And the last thing that appeared in our home is this antique chair. I don't know how much antique it is, but the arms have bronze metal work and other "golden" parts are just paints. I'm leaving it as it if for now, but I'm thinking on recovering it latter.

For now it will be good at it is.


  1. The gentleman deer is simply amazing!

  2. There are all very cute items. I especially like the hand tree, it's perfect for autumn <3

  3. Lovely details in your home. I think the chair looks very old it is at least from the 19th century.

  4. You are so great at decor! I love the chair, and the hand tree and the deer head pillow!