BJD exhibition, cosplay and Japan culture

It's Monday morning, the weekend is over and it was a fun weekend. I don't have all photos yet, but here's some I manage to get.
To begin with I took a part at event that takes place every year and is called "Now Japan". As the site of this festivals states "„nowJapan“ – the biggest traditional and contemporary Japanese culture festival in the Baltic states".
We had an exhibition of our dolls. They were various demons on ancient Japan. Mine is The one in vine red kimono with white hair and spider legs. He was Jorogumo -  a spider, that transforms into a beautiful woman and lures men by playing biwa ( musical instrument much like lute). He then would devour them.

I myself to a chance to dress in full Lolita :) 

Firts day.
I'll have more photos latter. I spotted a few other girls dressed in sweet Lolita. And it  appears that last year there was even a Lolita competition :D 

The second day was more free for us since we didn't have to watch after our dolls and were free to enter and leave whenever we wanted. It was a cosplay contest day so there were much more people in costumes.

We had a chance to meet the Evil Queen from "Sleeping Beauty" :D I loved how she was siting and drinking her coffee, gazing at passing people. She really matched her character :) And we voted for her too :)
And only in his photo I noticed that I and my BF matched each other really well  :D
The only problem was with ventilation. Since we had to stay from early morning till 6 p.m. it was hard to stand that stuffy air in the building. The were no fresh ear and no condition...
The only food was sushi and you wasn't allowed to bring in yours. I forgot to put my bracelets on last day and thought that it was nice to have some jewelry selling stands like I see in photos of other similar festivals ( events). 
I brought home a poster of Black Butler. Some how I was aloud to buy that one, but not the figurine :D And I got my name written in Japanese hieroglyphs.


  1. I'd love a place where you can only eat sushi, ahah XD
    By the way, you had lovely outfits; were you in the first one wearing the Vampire Requiem skirt/jsk? Just wondering :D

  2. Thanks. Yes, it's Vampire requiem high waist skirt. It' a replica from Dream of Lolita. But the quality is not so good. I'm thinking about changing laces. I love the skirt itself. But unfortunately the real thing is way to expensive for me :(
    But I still like wearing it and not to be afraid something will happen :D