Something new from Deadly Cherries

I almost forgot to show you my new line of jewelry I made recently. I was kinda stuck on old ideas and stopped enjoying the making of jewelry. It seemed to me like I started  repeating some of my works and they looked to similar. So, to get new ideas for my dark jewelry I had to do something else. It's like you leave one field to rest a little bit while you plant in other one. And since I love making my pastel horns I decided to try using some pastel colors in my jewelry. So I made something under name of Pastel Goth. I like the name "Creepy cute"  for this fashion more, since I look at it as only fashion. And word "Goth" for me is more of a life style and inner world thing. But here they are, my darkly sweet collection of candy like jewelry ;)

 You can find the here on my Etsy shop Deadly Cherries


  1. Everything is so cute! I love pink and pastels as much as I love black and goth, so I can't not appreciate your latest works. The one with the birdcage is so very lovely <3!

    1. thanks :) I love how they look too. Haven't tried to wear any. But maybe will have something made for myself to wear with bittersweet Lolita.

  2. wow! Very nice! Where did you learn to make jewelry so intricate?