Oil perfume of Midnight Gypsy Alchemy"

Whats new? I added new items to my "Midnight Gypsy Alchemy" oil perfume collection :)
I started gathering it a year ago and have a little collection by now. And just few days ago I was lucky enough to win a give away of scented candle and some perfume samples from her :) 

My last purchase was solid perfume of "Me Corozan" and Darkness Divine"

These were St. Valentines day special edition and I'm so happy I decided to get them the last minute. Especially "Darkness Divine" since it's the most wonderful scent. It's creamy, sweet, rosy, sour and deep. I will be getting a full bottle next year for sure. For me it's now the most Gothic scent I have and it fits me. Usually sweet scent do not feel right on my skin. They become to heave. But these ones are perfect :)
I have one roll on buttle I don't use and it's "La Mariposa". It's simple to green for me. "A blend of delicate florals, a hint of green grass and sweet nectar. A beautiful blend of blue lotus and vanilla absolute, labdanum resin ,essential oils in basil and grapefruit infused with grapefruit peels, basil leaves, vanilla beans and blue lotus petals."

It's just not for me. Maybe some one wants to trade?;)

I also discovered beetroot, tomato and carrot juice. It has such a lovely red color and very nice thickness. I just can't get enough of this wonderful color. I hope drinking 1l a day will benefit me somehow :D



Moon jewelry

I've been a little bit possessed by moon image lately. Well, I always was. My astrological sign is cancer and cancers have been known for their special relationships with moon.
 I've seen many beautiful jewelry representing it on Etsy such


Simple, elegant and for a good price :)

I like it a lot and it's actually my fav on Etsy.They look so raw and natural. All her jewelry are really pretty and creator has it's own stile. I like the simplicity and the size. These one don't need any other accessories to be accompanied. Just them and some black garment :)

Then there is 

and her "Raven Moon ring" accompanied by other Witchy jewelry in her shop. The price of these jumps up quite a lot, but these are made from sterling silver and have natural stones like moonstone itself :)

And last there is

Hecate's Diadem

I find her style to be a lot like Charlotte. Bones, talons and birds claws. All cast in sterling silver. I found her jewelry at Tumblr first and was very exited. I like that dark style of hers, but after finding Charlotte shop it stopped looking so unique. But I still find these designs to be gorgeous :) Tough the pendant could be a little bit bigger :)

And here is something super simple made by me from polymer clay. I wanted to see if I could replicate moon surface with polymer clay and I thing it looks quite nice. I'll work on this more latter as a little project for myself :)

Thanks for reading ;)


Going purle

My hair finally almost the same length it was before the cut. 

And I started to dye them in purple so I would get an ombre kind of effect while they will grow.

I succeeded once by dying them in red. So I hope to be lucky again but with different combination :)

Here's how the red/black combination looked like.

I wonder how it will work this time :D