Lace top for warmer weather

 So, I ordered a blouse from Ebay and it arrived today. My wardrobe is really in lack of tops so I decided I need to purchase few. I liked this one because of the lace and the high collar  I find it really attractive. I think it will go well with both Gothic and Lolita look. I'll just have to tone it down for Lolita by wearing a jacket. That will give more modesty to the outfit. The fabric is surprisingly soft. I was afraid it will be a itchy laces bot no they are not. The price was about 12 dollars so it's really affordable. The size is one and it's "S" but a bigger girls would fit it too, How ever for the XS it would be a little bit lose. I tried it with satin corset and a long skirt. Perfect for warmer weather. Though for a really hot day I would recommend something from natural material like linen , silk or cotton ;)

Well, I can say it's very versatile and will look good while rocking a party or attending grandmas birthday ;) Or even on a job interview . Combined with the jacked or cardigan of course since you never know how much of skin one think is decent to show. 


Deer horns. Second generation. Romantic Rose.

New set of deer horns was made. I like them so much I'll keep making different hairdressers with them. I love the bows on the sides idea. 

I'm still in love with enchanted deer idea. I guess it's my ..hm... second totem animal? Guess which is the first :D

I got a proposal from a photographer to use my crafts at his photo shoot and to promote it that way. Well, I think I'll try this. Any way, there's nothing to loose except a few of my creations. But I can gain some nice photos to advertise myself :)


A productive day off

Yesterday was a day off. I started it with no ideas what I wanted to do. Usually I get tones of ideas of how should I spend my day off, but then I just sleep till almost 1 p.m., have lunch aka breakfast while watching anime or "Adventure time" (this time). A little bit of FB, Tumblr and G-mail checking and it's already 5 p.m. So I go  to a bath, then dress up and it's already evening. Time to prepare dinner!!! At that time my boyfriend will get back from his work and we will go have dinner while watching anime ( a lot of anime) ... And off to bed. 
But... If I get at 10 a.m. the day usually have a absolutely different turn. At 12 a.m. I'm already done with breakfast and anime and even all dressed up. Since it's so bright, I start to clean the room because all mess is  more noticeable in a day light:D Then the creativity hits me and I sew, cut, glue and do what ever I want and can. So yesterday was a good day and I finished my wonderful Lolita skirt. It's a high waist classic Lolita skirt with blue stripes and little flower ornaments.

It originally was a long gathered skirt (on the left) to long and to big for me to wear, but I knew I could make something nice out of it.

The final result

The fabric is super soft, it has a wonderful shape. I find black and blue quite an attracting combination at this time of my life :) It even has a lining :D That was a tough one. Well, after this I decided to try out pattern making that I learned at our bjd meet up/ workshop and made a jacket for my doll-boy. I'm really like it. I also made a long over skirt decorated in the same way and when he wears the both peaces its looks like a long coat. The wig is also made by me. I decided to make a west to complete all outfit so he could wear the over skirt with just a vest. The pattern construction lesson did helped a lot. It's so much easier to make thing for him now. 

He looks like a young count for me now. And he should, because his countess is on her way. I just ordered the deer girl I wanted. I thought it wont be as exited as ordering the first bjd. But it's actually is. I ordered it blank since I'm going to do the face up myself. Never thought I would have two ball jointed dolls :D But if you really want something it somehow turns right for you. At least it does for me ;)


Outfits: Lolita and stuff

 Here's some new coords.  This time almost everything is off brand. I have only Bodyline shoes and bolero (shrug).
 A long skirt also would look good with it. It would give more mature look.

So lets begin:
Bolero: Bodyline( bought on EGL)
Blouse: Ebay about 10 $
Corset: Ebay about 10 $
Skirt:  reconstructed second handed. It was XXL size, but I liked the lace So I gathered it to fit my waist.
Bag: second handed. I just added the bat bow.
Hosiery: Local market. I'm wearing lace tights over blue ones :)

All the accessories are hand made ;) I like it a lot :D  Could walk it all day but the is no point as long as it's winter since the coat covers any effort to dress up. Oh, spring, hurry, please. In today fashion of denim pants and sweaters I miss this elegance... 

"Unfortunately we live in a society where it’s fashionable to dress as peasants.


Flora Wedding petticoat fail...

So yes, my petticoat order was a fail. It was horrible. Made from hard tulle and the shape was nothing like in the photo. Even steaming it would not help. I'll try to return it and instead will order from Classical Puppets.
The one I ordered is this one from Flora wedding. And there even was a review of it on YouTube  It really looked quite nice, but what I've got ruined my mood quite a lot. That's sad. I ques there is no such thing as a good cheap petticoat :D

So, just for others to know. Flora Weddings petticoats are made from hard tulle and absolutely not what they have in the picture. At least mine was not. And I saw their comment on others complains about it. But really, steaming it wouldn't turn it to a good petticoat I was expecting to get. 


Bodyline JSK

Woohoo!! I got my Bodyline order and I didn't have to pay any custom taxes for it. 
I was so exited. I rushed home from the post office with a smile on my face and was so happy to see those beautiful bags not on someone else bed but on my own :3

 The first one I unpacked was this beautiful black JSK l329. The photos are not the best. But it's not a review. It's just a happy post about my lovely receiving ;)
 The satin bows actually doesn't look so bad. The detachable one is a monster. I tried to wear it as a hair bow but it looked like a giant butterfly was attacking me or nesting on my head....

 A fast coordination. As I expected, the dress it self did't covered my knees ( I am 170 cm tall). And I want my knees to be covered. So I'm wearing a black skirt under it to give a desirable length. It looks just like additional ruffles.

For the perfect look I'll make some tight matching accessories. But I think it still looks good. The photos it self are bad, I know :D
Oh, Love that black color all over me :3

The second ordered JSK was Love Jewelry L345. And I love the print. So bright and colorful. And I like the details a lot.

 The waist ties.

 The first thing I did was removing those two bigger bows in the front and one small in the middle. It gave just to much pink for me...

 After I took them of the amount of the pink was just enough for me. It's really nice to get some colors into all black wardrobe.

The dress is also to short so I used the same longer black skirt. And I think it looks better with jacket then a cardigan.
I'm wearing Bodyline shoes146 ;)
So, I'm sitting here in the last outfit, writing the post and twinkle :D I just really like both dresses. The quality is the best I ever had. Really. I don't like to spend much on clothes. And these dresses even didn't cots that much. From this point I just can't imagine the quality of the famous brands. Oh, Ill order from them just to see since there is one print I actually adore.  All I can say for now is just FYeahBodyline :D


Firts post of the year :D

Sooo... Happy New Year to you all. I wonder what these year of black water snake will bring. Well, not the End of the Worlds at least :D Had a dream about aliens again ( I have them regularly). This time they came to eliminate our gender. And I was like "But of course  there are so much misunderstanding and unhappiness, just because there are two genders on Earth". When I woke up I thought that next time they should eliminate  races and religion :D But really, I wonder what it would be if we had no gender. I guess, I'll have to wait till another dream :D
So, my lovely Vampire requiem skirt came just on time as well as a lovely black cardigan  I bought from another Lolita :D So I was pretty as a doll during the holidays. Except that I was sick as a snow man in the summer. I felt dizzy all the time, I lost the ability to smell. Seriously  I could not smell anything for a week. And believe me, the food does taste weird then. But finally my ability to smell things came back to me :D Just on time when I bought myself a package of cognac flavored coffee :)
I almost finished another high waist Lolita skirt. This one is classic style floral skirt with stripes. But looks really good with black accessories. I remade my long curly wig. And now it's short and super curly. I teased it to get more of that elegant aristocratic look that Mana Sama usually have. 
My wardrobe has change completely :D I never had so many skirts. :D And a puff, even a little one,  changes the way a skirt looks. So I recommend you all ladies get yourself a puffy petticoat. I'm not a big fan of a super big puff but a medium one does gives a nice shape to wide knee length skirts. It feels more sophisticated then. ( at least for me ). Here, you can see how much better those skirts looks with a petticoat. And I think that goes not only for a Lolita style ;) The same goes for dresses. I still don't have one. But I've ordered it yesterday (from here)   I'm quite inpatient so I decided to order one from UK seller in hopes it would reach me in week. Since ordering from China means at least three week of waiting :( And I want it now. I wanted to order from Classical Puppets, but that one is expensive  super puffy and... need about a moth to be made. And as a total noob in this fashion I decided firs to see how I feel about wearing a petticoat at all. I don't want to wear it just occasionally. I want to wear it everyday. I'll order the fluffy one when I'll have this "everyday" one ;) 
A new must have item.
It's a wonderful print from Infanta.

I love it. I would love it in black, but deep red is also a perfect color.
Roses, crowns and prince... nothing to add :D