A productive day off

Yesterday was a day off. I started it with no ideas what I wanted to do. Usually I get tones of ideas of how should I spend my day off, but then I just sleep till almost 1 p.m., have lunch aka breakfast while watching anime or "Adventure time" (this time). A little bit of FB, Tumblr and G-mail checking and it's already 5 p.m. So I go  to a bath, then dress up and it's already evening. Time to prepare dinner!!! At that time my boyfriend will get back from his work and we will go have dinner while watching anime ( a lot of anime) ... And off to bed. 
But... If I get at 10 a.m. the day usually have a absolutely different turn. At 12 a.m. I'm already done with breakfast and anime and even all dressed up. Since it's so bright, I start to clean the room because all mess is  more noticeable in a day light:D Then the creativity hits me and I sew, cut, glue and do what ever I want and can. So yesterday was a good day and I finished my wonderful Lolita skirt. It's a high waist classic Lolita skirt with blue stripes and little flower ornaments.

It originally was a long gathered skirt (on the left) to long and to big for me to wear, but I knew I could make something nice out of it.

The final result

The fabric is super soft, it has a wonderful shape. I find black and blue quite an attracting combination at this time of my life :) It even has a lining :D That was a tough one. Well, after this I decided to try out pattern making that I learned at our bjd meet up/ workshop and made a jacket for my doll-boy. I'm really like it. I also made a long over skirt decorated in the same way and when he wears the both peaces its looks like a long coat. The wig is also made by me. I decided to make a west to complete all outfit so he could wear the over skirt with just a vest. The pattern construction lesson did helped a lot. It's so much easier to make thing for him now. 

He looks like a young count for me now. And he should, because his countess is on her way. I just ordered the deer girl I wanted. I thought it wont be as exited as ordering the first bjd. But it's actually is. I ordered it blank since I'm going to do the face up myself. Never thought I would have two ball jointed dolls :D But if you really want something it somehow turns right for you. At least it does for me ;)

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