Flora Wedding petticoat fail...

So yes, my petticoat order was a fail. It was horrible. Made from hard tulle and the shape was nothing like in the photo. Even steaming it would not help. I'll try to return it and instead will order from Classical Puppets.
The one I ordered is this one from Flora wedding. And there even was a review of it on YouTube  It really looked quite nice, but what I've got ruined my mood quite a lot. That's sad. I ques there is no such thing as a good cheap petticoat :D

So, just for others to know. Flora Weddings petticoats are made from hard tulle and absolutely not what they have in the picture. At least mine was not. And I saw their comment on others complains about it. But really, steaming it wouldn't turn it to a good petticoat I was expecting to get. 


  1. Oh no, I'm sorry to hear that your petticoat was a disappointment. Tulle petticoats are useless aren't they? They deflate!

    I ordered a wedding petticoat off ebay a few years ago (and actually received one that looked like the picture Flora Weddings used) which was nice soft taffeta and is very nice for an A-Line petticoat and only cost around £25.

    If I could remember the name of the company I would recommend them. I guess it's very hit and miss and I was lucky!

    I hope you get your money back! I've heard good things about Classical Puppets petticoats so maybe it is worth the investment!

    1. Yes, I guess its "hit or miss" when the price is low. Well, I politely explained that it's not what I expected and they will refund me. And yes, tulle is the worst:( And the one in a picture looked like a soft one like crinoline or something... I would expect that from China seller. But I guess you never know :D
      Classical Puppets was in the first place almost at all petticoats rewiev I red or watched. So no more misleading.

  2. Thank you for the advice, I'm thinking to buy one lastely, but now I've changed my mind at all.

    1. Maybe it's good for one time occasion, but for everyday use it's better to add some more money and buy a real thing.