Playing with the dolls

Just some photos of my dolls I took. The deer girl finally has a name. Enya. I started to work on her  deer antlers. 


Enchanted deer maiden: Snow White

It was time for a new deer antlers hairband. I really love making these:D I always get some kind of story or a heroin it would belong to. This one was inspired by the darker image of Snow White. During the days she lived in forest. This one is available at my Etsy store DEADLY CHERRIES



From sleepless nights of my soul

Sometimes my mirrors brake leaving small pieces of their shiny nature scattering across the room. Some of them stick into my skin and I begin to wonder what is the purpose of my fleshly existence.  Is it to be, to roam and feel things, or to create, to teach and to spread ideas I grow inside. But well, again, what kind of ideas they are? Without the mirror it’s hard to see. It’s like I’m blind to myself. Suddenly I don’t know  what I feel, where I go, and how do I taste. Everybody has a taste. I bite myself, to feel everything: the taste, the warmth,  the pain… 
In a second there is a fear that if I won’t see myself I’ll disappear. Maybe I am not real already, maybe I’m just somebodies imagination…an idea. I often do scratch my pale skin to see if I still feel. Or maybe I’m already dreaming. Dreaming myself having this vulnerable body. Weak and soft and still so magical. To just watch how it heals and recovers… Sometimes I think, that I hurt myself unconscious just to witness this miracle of regeneration. What if I would cut myself in half.. Would there be two of me? 
When the mirror is gone, I feel lonely. I feel how the darkness of the world starts gathering around, whispering in my ear. “You are so beautiful” she says,“so lovely and sweet, ah, stay with me” She crawls to my heart  worshiping every millimeter of me and just when it almost reaches her destination, I cut it off. I like her flatters. “But I’ll never be yours” I say.“Pityyyyy….” her whispers crawls away. I know she’ll be back.  The lonely hearts always calls for her. But I like the light. It hurts. It shows every disadvantage of my incarnation and then I know what I have to change. It shines trough me reaching every single cell in my body and suddenly I start to glow. Just for a second. And I know my way again. I know I’m alive cause every cell in my body hurts from the light. Such a strong feeling of my own present. Have you eve felt yourself so strong that you could even duplicate your emotions? The energy starts my mind and I feel how my skin sloughs off. Just a little bit longer and I’m born again. No more mirror shreds in me. I left them in the old skin.


Strawberries and denim jaket

Here comes an outfit post. Always easy to make and almost always fun to read (or watch). 

 This skirt for sure needs bloomers. I Usually wear ones, but this time I skipped it and... I  wasn't that relaxed every time the wind tried to catch it. Luckily he was unlucky :D

Simple classic cardigan with fake pearl buttons wore over a simple T - Shirt. Topped with a denim jacket, flower decorated tights and black boots.

Oh, and a Ruby Gloom hand bag. I now somehow have a whole collection of different bags of this character. Though the cartoon itself did not amused me at all.

Nimphadora all big and black


Deadly Cherries jewelry

I got some new beads and details I ordered. So I wasted no more time. Lately things have been a little bit crazy. But maybe it's me who making them more crazy then they are. Oh well. Making jewelry always calms me. It's like escaping to another dementia  and here's the souvenirs I brought back. These days I could just lock myself with all my tools and supplies and just keep producing beautiful things all the time :)

New jewelry from Deadly Cherries

 "Bat glide"



Earring  "Mourning"

"Midnight Bloom"

 "Escape from the Asylum"

 "Eternal Lust"

"Tea party"

Thanks for taking a look ;)


Enchanted deer maiden: Steampunk and Mori girl inspire hair band

I made dew antlers during the free time. Ones were made to remake the Gothic Lolita hair band with the violin decoration. I found the antlers to be to small and it was bugging me for a while. Now they look much better and you can see them here.
The other pair of antlers was for a new hairband. And I wanted something different in style. So, since I'm kinda into this gypsy, Mori, fairy wood witch style during the summer (becouse it's hooooooot!! and Lolita is not the best thing with all its layers to wear) I decided to make the horns that would fit that kind of style. I think I did a good job :)

Mistress of Time

The old clock picture was saved for a very long time. Almost for two years. I just could not find a use of it, but it was so beautiful. And now it has its place :) 

White beads and beads carved from a real horn.

 Chains and little flowers. I hope soon to have a picture of it being worn.  I guess I need a mannequin head...


DIY: Dead man finger tutorial

So, here's a simple tutorial how to make a finger part for any decoration ideas. You can use glue it on a pin, a bow, a hairband, even make a brooch out of it or a necklace. Just a simple spooky accessory for those in love with zombies and horror stuff.

 I use DAS modeling material for my projects. Polymer clay is also good.Then the "finger" will be more light.  You also need a spatula and some water.

Take little peace of modeling material....

...and form a plain "finger".

 gently squeeze it  to sections just like in a picture, this will let you form limbs.

Roll the parts you squeezed  between your fingers to make them more smooth. You'll notice that the main limb is now formed very nicely

Take a spatula and press in the nail.
Now add wrinkles to the limbs using the same spatula. A knife is also good for this.

 Here how it should look. 

 Now gently bend it

And let it dry for 24 hours. The bending gives  a better shape if you'll use it as a hair pin. and it looks more natural to me. You can choose not to do it.

 Now, when the finger is dry, just paint the nail how ever you like. You can add some red color to make it look freshly cut, to dye it green. Or do both for a zombie effect ;)

Now it's ready to be used... as a pin, bow decoration or even a pendant. Just don't forget to make a loop when it's still soft if you planing to wear it a s a pendant. Or you can use dough and make some nice treats for Halloween or your birthday..or any other time you feel like cracking some fingers ;)

Have a nice DIY;)


First ever bjd face up ...

As you know, I have a BJD deer - girl, that needed a face up. I ordered a sealer that lets the face up stay. It finally arrived and I decided to give a try.

It was really fun at first. I felt almost as god giving the life to this face, but then failing began. I failed lips, so I had to clean it all. It was not sealed jet, so It was no problem, but still, not so fun. I continued blushing her but my girl did't want to have the face up I had in mind. I had to clean and clean again little bad brushes and so on. I wanted a super natural face up for here , but some how I was ending with dark ones. Finally I gave up, and decided that this time I'll just play with it. I'll go with the flow and see where it gonna get me.

So, I painted and cleaned, added more dark colors, blushed the cheeks, painted the lips. And someone in me just wanted more darker shadow... so I submitted. And that's how it ended....

And here how it looks with eyes and wig on a doll...

I  see now that the eye brows are to high not to mention all the other things are not looking that good. I like the concept. Now, I'll know what to do to get it better next time. I hope :D It was nice. I did it quite fast. But We are having meetup soon so I'll have a chance to consult with ones that are good at this :D

I hope she doesn't look really bad. I know it's not good, but I hope it's not really bad at least. I've seen some face ups on Deviant art that were horrid and owner thought they did wonderful job. Be honest with me... but gentle :D


Bodyline Choco berry skirt

I finally got my Bodyline order. It's funny how I ordered with more then a week interval and the both package came at the same day :) One was cough by custom and another one went through quite simple.

But they are at home now and I'm so happy :) I ordered a JSK I had but wanted a size bigger, a choco berry skirt in black and a black classic Lolita dress.  This post will be for the skirt;)

Here it is. It's really beautiful in person as I was expecting. Colors are bright and the print is really detailed. You can see a little miss- matching when you look closer, but you really have to look :)'

Those repeats. But you have to look really close to notice them. So I don't see it as  problem. Misspelled name on my only replica was a worse case :D
My guess is that the black color is printed last, because black lace print looks super nice and there are no blur spots.

You see? Perfect!

The bow and waist ties are quite unusable for me. Bow is big and to stiff and the same is with the waist ties. They are really stiff. It's hard to make a nice bow from them. My advice is to tie them to make a beautiful  bow and sew it. You can attaches it by buttons on the side, so there is no need to untie it. I'm thinking to use them for another Bodyline project. I've already thought about a bag, a attachable top like here. I want to make something I will really use. You can share some ideas, if you have ;)

And here how it looks worn.

I used one of my hair bands to see how it goes with Lolita :)
This one is more classical Lolita inspire. And here is more my kind of look :)

I like both of them but I feel more comfortable wearing second one ;)

 I also got this dress in black.

The only thing is that the M size is to short and the L is to big. but... I was expecting that. At least the waist sits on my natural line and its long enough to cover my knees :)

But I'll write about it next time.


Deadly Cherries

I'm out of charms and cameo frames :) Ordered a new pack. Can't wait to lay my hands on them :) Here's the new works I've done.