DIY: Dead man finger tutorial

So, here's a simple tutorial how to make a finger part for any decoration ideas. You can use glue it on a pin, a bow, a hairband, even make a brooch out of it or a necklace. Just a simple spooky accessory for those in love with zombies and horror stuff.

 I use DAS modeling material for my projects. Polymer clay is also good.Then the "finger" will be more light.  You also need a spatula and some water.

Take little peace of modeling material....

...and form a plain "finger".

 gently squeeze it  to sections just like in a picture, this will let you form limbs.

Roll the parts you squeezed  between your fingers to make them more smooth. You'll notice that the main limb is now formed very nicely

Take a spatula and press in the nail.
Now add wrinkles to the limbs using the same spatula. A knife is also good for this.

 Here how it should look. 

 Now gently bend it

And let it dry for 24 hours. The bending gives  a better shape if you'll use it as a hair pin. and it looks more natural to me. You can choose not to do it.

 Now, when the finger is dry, just paint the nail how ever you like. You can add some red color to make it look freshly cut, to dye it green. Or do both for a zombie effect ;)

Now it's ready to be used... as a pin, bow decoration or even a pendant. Just don't forget to make a loop when it's still soft if you planing to wear it a s a pendant. Or you can use dough and make some nice treats for Halloween or your birthday..or any other time you feel like cracking some fingers ;)

Have a nice DIY;)


  1. Oh, it looks so creepily real! I'll try this technique myself, but after returning from WGT... thanks for the tutorial!

  2. Thank's :D Oh I envy you so much for attending WGT T_T I'll be waiting for photos and etc.

  3. Amazing!
    I love your blog,you are inspiration for me.

    1. Oh, than you. That's such a lovely thing to hear :>