Bodyline Choco berry skirt

I finally got my Bodyline order. It's funny how I ordered with more then a week interval and the both package came at the same day :) One was cough by custom and another one went through quite simple.

But they are at home now and I'm so happy :) I ordered a JSK I had but wanted a size bigger, a choco berry skirt in black and a black classic Lolita dress.  This post will be for the skirt;)

Here it is. It's really beautiful in person as I was expecting. Colors are bright and the print is really detailed. You can see a little miss- matching when you look closer, but you really have to look :)'

Those repeats. But you have to look really close to notice them. So I don't see it as  problem. Misspelled name on my only replica was a worse case :D
My guess is that the black color is printed last, because black lace print looks super nice and there are no blur spots.

You see? Perfect!

The bow and waist ties are quite unusable for me. Bow is big and to stiff and the same is with the waist ties. They are really stiff. It's hard to make a nice bow from them. My advice is to tie them to make a beautiful  bow and sew it. You can attaches it by buttons on the side, so there is no need to untie it. I'm thinking to use them for another Bodyline project. I've already thought about a bag, a attachable top like here. I want to make something I will really use. You can share some ideas, if you have ;)

And here how it looks worn.

I used one of my hair bands to see how it goes with Lolita :)
This one is more classical Lolita inspire. And here is more my kind of look :)

I like both of them but I feel more comfortable wearing second one ;)

 I also got this dress in black.

The only thing is that the M size is to short and the L is to big. but... I was expecting that. At least the waist sits on my natural line and its long enough to cover my knees :)

But I'll write about it next time.


  1. Hi I just want to say thanks for posting this, I was trying to decide about getting that skirt and your photos helped! It looks really nice.

    1. I'm glad to hear that :) It's really a lovely skirt. And the print is adorable :)