Wednesday fun

Oh, I went shopping today since It was a nice day and tomorrow I'm off to work again :( So I woke up, made myself to look nice and black and went out to spend some money :P I don't think I looked very extraordinary but a woman in a shop still gave me strange looks.I think she was praying her daughter wouldn't become like me :D That made my smile.

My camera doesn't like to take pics of whole object :S It makes them blurry.
I always dress all black when going shopping. Colors are for occasions :D This time I had my favorite striped scarf on. It's super long and I love it. My messenger bag with pirate skull is always good for shopping. It's big enough to carry all my stuff.
Well, my hunt was successful and now I have some nice things in my wardrobe :)
I always wanted spiderweb lace top and now I got one. It will be perfect with any sweeter with a big neckline :) I would like it to be a little bit longer but it was only 1,5 dollar so I couldn't resist :)

This witch skirt also got my attention. I decided that it will be perfect for everyday use in spring and summer. It's light, made from two different fabrics and makes me look really thin :D

I love this top from DIVIDED. The top of the chest is transparent and looks really cute with a Victorian industrial jacket I have :) My wardrobe is full of different style goth clothes. What can I say... I'm a mood person and I go from romantic Victorian or Vampire to  Metalhead or Industrial all the time. 
It was a fun trip and when I came back and checked my mailbox I found glass beads I ordered from Ebay. Wohoo:) 
That means more jewelery is coming for you :) There's still some pieces that I need to post on Etsy. I wanted to make some chokers during my free days but unfortunately I cut off my nails too short and couldn't pick even a needle. I felt like a claw-less puppy :(  I'll never cut my nails this short again. After all, it's my tool of work. I hope they will be fine after a few days...
I made myself a nice bowl of ramen in the end of the day. Now I can peacefully wait for tomorrow. 

How was your Wednesday? :)


  1. All Your stuff are awesome!And dont worry, people will always make strange faces for us... :)

  2. Awesome finds!!! I really love the blouse with the ruffled front.

    Sophistique Noir - Dark, Elegant Fashion

  3. It worried me when I was younger. Now it makes me smile :D

  4. VictorianKitty, I thought you would like it :D Thanks. I just need to wait for the weekend to use all this :D

  5. Awesome pieces! :)
    My favorite is the witch skirt. Where did you buy it? There's a small chance we have the same stores in Germany that you have... Yay for the European Union! :)
    (DIVIDED? Isn't that either from H&M or from New Yorker?)

  6. Thanks. Divided is from H&M :) Morgan also got some nice stuff. I got a super skirt with big metal buckles from Morgan.
    The witch skirt was found in a local shop. I don't think they have stores in Germany :P

  7. Lovely clothes and a blog :) Nice to see another 'alternative' Lithuanian girl :) Take care x

  8. *lol* Oh, we have some stores... You just have to find the good ones. ;)

  9. Sorry, I wanted to say that the local shop in witch I bought the skirt don't have their filial in Germany :)XD I just now realized, how it sounds :D My apologies. I know you have great stores in Germany ;) :)

  10. Don’t worry, I know what you meant. :)
    Well, there are good stores and bad stores like everywhere, I guess.
    My city has mostly the “bad” stores. :(

    P.S. Thank you for visiting my blog & commenting. :)

  11. Oh, I love both tha spider web top and the witch skirt!