Lolita stuff

I love Lolita style shirts and tops. All those laces make me feel so elegant and aristocratic. I have one very pretty shirt that I got from Aziawholesale.com. I was afraid it will be to small, but it was perfect. It was really cheap :) I added some laces on the cuffs to make it look more trimmed.
I like the hight collar and the laces on the front.  It's simple but for such a little prise I wouldn't expect anything more :)

So, the thing that makes it more frilly is accessories. And I love to make them by myself of course. I found this super easy pattern of Lolita tie on blog  "Gothic Lolita sewing" . You can find more interesting stuff there. It's really a nice blog :)
I made some nice ties using a pattern from that blog.

This one is "Two in One" Lolita tie. I sew it from two different materials. One was leather and other one was cotton fabric. I decorated the leather side with laces and for the cotton fabric side I chose metal chain with skull. I also did leather trimming for it. So you can wear it in different styles.

I usually combine Lolita and Romantic goth styles. I think you must have a certain childish look to be a nice Lolita :P And I don't think I do :) But I still want one of those frilled dresses. And I have just a perfect base for remaking one. 
Here's a niceLolita style top from a simple shirt. I'm going to try it but in black of course :)
I want myself a Lolita parasol too. And I just have an idea how to make one. You can find some beautiful parasols here.

Love this one :)
I really can't handle a direct sunlight during the summer. I get dizzy all the time. So I'm thinking of making myself one fancy and one more simple parasol for every day use. I think if I'll start using them people will eventually stop staring and will get used to it :) Ladies were using parasols since 18 century so why I can't. 

It's strange how things that were popular in older times get "weird" in these days. And sad too.... I'd love to go out dressed in Victorian style, but I have not enough courage for it... So I chose Lolita instead :P


  1. Ah, parasols! :) I love them, too.

    Also love your beautiful blouse. You did a great job adding lace at the cuffs.

  2. That is the most beautiful parasol ever!! I have some simpler ones, but would love one that fancy. Maybe it's time for me to get crafty... :)

  3. Sal Kaye, thanks. Glad you like it :)
    VictorianKitty, I have a black with a little ruffles, just like in a link but it's all black (http://www.handbag.com/cm/handbaguk/images/Cw/or_3fb60a2b12266816552338-1.jpg)
    but I want one more fancy.
    Can't wait to start making it :D