Chasing shadows

Say yes for the Black and Red week!!!!
It's better late then never :)

What a wonderful day it was. A real spring. I do enjoy the sunny days outside. We were visiting my boyfriend's cousin today and I was thinking to make some nice photos outside but I forgot to charge batteries for my Canon and...ups, it shut down :(( And when I just started to enjoy pretty yellow saffrons.

I had to borrow my boyfriends HTC Desire and make some photos with it. I could not allow myself to go back with empty hands.
My todays outfit. 

I wanted to wear a puffy skirt but I ended with this straight black one. It has some nice details... But I'm still searching for my Nr.1 skirt.

I have a lot of striped tights. It's some king of mania from my adolescence. 

Pretty yellow saffrons...

and violet ones :)

A strange mushroom I've found in a garden.

Beautiful moss. The tree was all yellow because if them.


  1. That hoodie is awesome! The whole outfit is a wonderful "comfy and cool" look for a fun day outside. Great nature photos, too!! Things like that make me happy when I'm trapped in my office all day. :)


  2. The outdoors makes a striking yet peaceful background. I love the second-to-last photo of the tunnel, very thoughtful image.

  3. Love the boots. Especially how the buttons contrast with the stripey tights.

  4. Great outfit, I love it! I'm a big fan of striped tights too.

  5. Very cool outfit! Now I feel like going outside. :)