Dolls: BJD choosing the right one

Lately I'm searching the net for my perfect BJ (ball joined) doll. My boyfriend's friend just got one and that triggered my desire to get myself one too. I wanted one for a long time, but never started a real search. I just looked at random photos at Google. They all looked beautiful to me :) So, two days ago I decided that it's time to pick one, to count how much it will cost and to start money attracting magic :D Well when you have perceptible desire it's more easy to make it real. I've seen many pretty dolls but I had no idea, how to
 choose the one that would really make me happy.They are not cheap (about 600 dollar for nude doll) and I
 don't want to spend my money on a doll I won't be satisfied with latter. So I started from viewing the providers
 pages ( not Google pics :). I went to the one I already knew - Dollmore.I have an image of a doll I would want.
 It's definitely not a boy or kid doll. It mast be a male doll, and a senior of course. I want a sexy grown up male
 doll with a hot muscular body. And it has to be not the sweet looking guy but but wicked one >:)
 Rarrrr :) That's why I was super exited when I sow this demonic beauty on Dollmore.

It's a dollpire (doll+vampire) Victor Lou. I love the third eye and his look is so evil it even scares me. My boyfriend said he looks too spooky realistic. And said "No" for this one. Well I knew it's not the one so I didn't  argued him much. But I still find it attractive and my kind of doll. There's also a model with no third eye.
He's cute but out of sale. There's some more dollpires at Dollmore so check them out if you want.

The next page I checked was Luts.com I found some great dolls there too. And their prices are quite nice.

It's a Senior Delf ABADON. He's almost 600 dollars with face up and new body.
 I like his cold gaze. It would be a perfect Sesshomaru sama ( I'm anime fan) with a white wig :3 
He would look nice in a black wig: too) I added him to my list of choices.

Here's another doll from Luts.com that I liked. It's Super Senior Delf AVALANCHE. His look isn't wicked enough but he's kind of cute and a little bit seductive, I would say. I like the smoky eyes make up and for them he goes to my list of choices.

I also tried to find some info and tips for people who are buying the ball joint dolls for the first time. I wanted to know what sellers are recommended, where my attention should be payed while choosing a body, a face and a whole doll. 
The main tips would be:
  • decide  on a character you want (cute or evil, girl or boy)
  • Choose a height you want. Take a meter and try to find out how tall your doll would look. They are taller then they might look in a photos so 70 cm doll is REALLY big one.
  • See how body and head looks without any blush and face up. You must like it.
  • The hair and clothes are ordered separate so never buy a doll just because you like the way its hair or clothes looks on it. You can buy the "hot" hair separate for any other model.
  • Body blushing is optional. It looks nice  when you are making photos of you almost naked model :P Some dolls has body blush included to the price and some not. Check it out before making an order but you can actually make it yourself later. It's not that hard ;) :D. 
  • Face up. If you can make it yourself than don't order it. But I don't think the first time BJD buying person would be able to paint the face buy it self :). So just don't over do it. I don't recommend ordering extraordinary or super heavy make up for you first dolls (blood tiers, scar and so on ). Then you'll be able to make any character  you want by buying extra wigs and clothes.
This is the main tips I would suggest  for you. I also checked some forums for people opinion and feedback about different sellers. The one I liked the most was Den of Angels. I found some new seller there too :) And I checked their dolls immediately. I simply checked those sellers who had the biggest number of reviews. That means that more people were buying from them and more opinions can be found. 

So I went to Spirit Doll. It's dark and gloomy. And more Gothic I would say. But there is not much dolls for sale. And the ones I likes were already sold out :( I still found this two guys attractive enough to have my attention :)

It's Thorn from "Proud" category. He is dark, gloomy and has a cold gaze. However there was too little photos of him. And I won't buy a doll if I cant see how it looks...

Another beauty was Cycas from the same category. But the luck of photos is not helping to decide if I want him.

Then I accidentally found one page with strange name "Mint on Card. Inc" I checked the reviews of it and found that people were quite happy with their product so I decided to visit it. And OMG!!! I fell in love at the firt sight!!!

Wang Ye
The prince of Evilness and Wickedness itself stole my heart away... I screamed when I so his Photos.
I'm so enchanted by him... And the prise is really normal, I would say. 
I like this page. You can find a lot of photos of the doll from different angles as well as the photo of it's unpainted base.
I Googled and found more photos of this model.

I like the red haired and pale skin version more...
Love his nails in this photo...
However... After a day just looking at his photos I found that  his forehead begins to annoy me :(
You can't see it in a first photo so I decided that I still want him, but just without that wrinkle on his forehead.
So I present you Ao Ze Tian (62cm) He has the same head, just without pointy ears (and I love pointy ones so thats not very good :/  ) and no wrinkles... 
Just imagine him with red eyes and red hair... :3 
I'll be comparing two of them to see if I can get that evilness without a wrinkle on a forehead. Tell me your opinion. It would be really helpful :) Since my boyfriend only says "Yes" or "No" :D or "Not bad" XD
Well' it's a dilemma for me, but I still have much time so I'll be keeping on searching.
I would appreciate comments of those who has a BJD. Please, help a newbie with your wise comments :)

The winner was Abadon from Luts and I love him. I glad I didn't end ordering from HZ BJDS because they seem to have a strangely transparent skin. Some might like it but I don't


  1. Hello!

    I also do have a BJD, one from Luts, but mine is a girl and rather small (26 cm)

    I really like the last one, and I think he looks evil, and the evilness will be stronger with red hair.

    I started to annoy when I saw the wrinkle, so I don't think you should get that one, because you are going to annoy yourself more with that wrinkle. And dolls are meant to be enjoyed^^

    Hope my humble opinion is helpful!^^

  2. Oh yes, it is. Thank you. Are there any other tips you could give me? :)
    I would love to get a girl doll to, but first I have to get this one :)

  3. Aah, so many lovely choices. As someone with male and female bjds, I prefer males because of their "personality." Female bjds are usually molded as elegant, innocent, or sexy. You won't find, say, big noses, crooked noses, angry facemolds, wrinkles, giant muscles, or "evil" eyes/brows on your average female bjd. Which sucks :(! Notdoll's girls have a little more spunk, but I still like boys better ;)

    From the ones on the list, I like Luts best. But don't take my word for it. Look at tons of user pics--- if you can see a bad pic and still love the mold, it's the doll for you. Also, little annoyances turn to big ones very quickly. Why not check out Iplehouse and Fairyland SDs? Fairyland's are awesome posers, and Iplehouse's are full of evil, muscle-y hunks. You could also order a blank doll and commission a face-up from another artist.

    Whatever you decide, I would not suggest HZ. They sell offensive Nazi-inspired doll outfits, and the company is notorious delays and delivering broken or badly stained dolls. They're on my black list.

  4. Thank you. I will definatly look at pages you sugested :)
    For my first doll I want it to be a male. Thanks for warning about the HZ dolls :)