Here comes Friday. Lets dance :)

To day was a super warm day. So I went out to have a coffee with my boyfriend during his lunch break :) I was in a super good mood after cleaning all flat. It was all tidy and nice so I decided I must to reward myself properly for such a good work with vacuum cleaner :D and to dress extra pretty.

I found a new place to take photos. I think it's much better than the dark corridor.

Stockings from my collection :)

This is the dress I want to turn into a Lolita dress by adding lace to it.

I wore  my j-punk skirt under the dress to make it fluffy.

I painted the jacket myself. I just wanted something that nobody else would have ;) And I like it.

And what look is complete without make up?? None!  I love the way it came out :)

I bought a black eye liner at last. And a silver one that was on sale. Couldn't resist ;)

I colored my hair again. Now it's a dark vine color. I used Garnier 100% stuff.

I took out the bat bow at the last minute and choose big and long earrings for accessors.  But it's still strange how a blond girl wearing a bright turquoise blue coat got less attention them me :D You don't need bright colors to be bright :D

As always,
Gothically yours...


  1. nu labai fainai, ir iskirtinai atrodei :) ir jauciasi kokia pakyleta nuotaika buvo :D

  2. Oh my GOTH! ;) You look awesome!
    I love the dress, your make-up, the stockings - everything about this outfit! Wow!


  3. I love your jacket especially! It's really really cool, also your make up is great!

  4. Your eyes are so beautiful! The dark shadow really sets off the blue.

  5. I love your jacket, you did a great work

  6. Wow your jacket is amazing! I can't believe you painted that yourself

  7. Oh my god, we could nearly be twins!! :D