Demonic headbands by Deadly Cherries

As you know I've been creating deer antlers headbands for a while now :) And I decided to try something new recently. These are my new designs of Lilith headbands. 

The blue one is still at the store and the red one is gone.

This one had a black sister but I was so in a hurry to ship it out, I forgot to take picture after I made it :( Customer asked for a similar headband but with black roses.

This one is the newest one :) I love making these more demonic headbands :) But on the other hand I always love to try something new.

I also want to brag a little. Lindsay  Schoolcraft who plays keyboard at Cradle of Filth bought one of my headbands and asked for a custom order latter. This is the headband I made for here. She wanted something dark with eve leaves and Lilith horns. The picture doesn't do the justice but it looked great :)  It kinda prompt me to make more demonic horns too.

I will continue making more darker headbands since I want to discover something of my one, that would be more unique and would have my signature.


Gothic/dark jewelry organizer you can make yourelf

Here's another DIY. It's really easy, and I think you all can see what I did here :) I just used twigs, hot glue and acrylic paint. 

I painted few artificial leaves black and hot glued them to the twigs. Twigs are also hot glued to the frame. You can add anything else you want. Be creative :)

 And this is how it looked before....

So, if you needed something cheap but cute, here's a perfect solution for you. You can leave it for notes or use it for jewelry. I'll be  making another one for notes too. I have  a big urge to goth up every corner of my flat, since I'm living alone for the first time :D 


Turning things black :D

Oh, such a busy person I am. No time to even right a post.But here's one. Short, but...better then nothing. I'm rearranging my flat again since I decided to make the other room just a bedroom, so the main room would be living/working room. Before it was living/sleeping/working room... and the second one was just a storage for things that had no place :D
I'm a big fan of candles and every night I burn a good bunch of tea candles in my colored crystal glasses. I like how the soft light shines in the darkness and I fall asleep so easily :) 

My glasses

I bought a few hundred of them on a sale and decided to keep them in the box on the window shelf.The only free box I had was this yellow one and I decided that it needed a revamping. 

Now it's all nice and black and has bats :D I did felt a great pleasure covering this yellow thing in beautiful black. :P

Take care!