Demonic headbands by Deadly Cherries

As you know I've been creating deer antlers headbands for a while now :) And I decided to try something new recently. These are my new designs of Lilith headbands. 

The blue one is still at the store and the red one is gone.

This one had a black sister but I was so in a hurry to ship it out, I forgot to take picture after I made it :( Customer asked for a similar headband but with black roses.

This one is the newest one :) I love making these more demonic headbands :) But on the other hand I always love to try something new.

I also want to brag a little. Lindsay  Schoolcraft who plays keyboard at Cradle of Filth bought one of my headbands and asked for a custom order latter. This is the headband I made for here. She wanted something dark with eve leaves and Lilith horns. The picture doesn't do the justice but it looked great :)  It kinda prompt me to make more demonic horns too.

I will continue making more darker headbands since I want to discover something of my one, that would be more unique and would have my signature.


  1. You have the most gorgeous, blue eyes...
    yet, that aint gonna save ya from Hell, toots. This will...

    Dunno how important Seventh-Heaven
    is to you, earthling... yet, if we DO NOT strive for that, or Purgatory, you for one shall be condemned to the Abyss o'Misery after this existence finite. And I wanna make DAMM sure you're going Upstairs with me. So, follow along if Seventh-Heaven is #1 on your list; if not, I fear for your indelible soul, lil one. Why? Why should I care about the salvation of the human race? Yes, I was an NDE -AND- I saw the Celestial City from far away. Aint that Treason enuff, earthling?

    No, you DO NOT need to be a bro/nun living a cloistered life; however, what you must do is say these TWO things and totally mean them:

    You believe in Jesus?
    You love everyone else?
    If answered YES to both,
    you'll join this sinfull mortal Upstairs for the most wildchild experience for time without end.

    God bless your indelible soul.
    cya Upstairs someday...

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