Turning things black :D

Oh, such a busy person I am. No time to even right a post.But here's one. Short, but...better then nothing. I'm rearranging my flat again since I decided to make the other room just a bedroom, so the main room would be living/working room. Before it was living/sleeping/working room... and the second one was just a storage for things that had no place :D
I'm a big fan of candles and every night I burn a good bunch of tea candles in my colored crystal glasses. I like how the soft light shines in the darkness and I fall asleep so easily :) 

My glasses

I bought a few hundred of them on a sale and decided to keep them in the box on the window shelf.The only free box I had was this yellow one and I decided that it needed a revamping. 

Now it's all nice and black and has bats :D I did felt a great pleasure covering this yellow thing in beautiful black. :P

Take care!


  1. Yay, a simple storage box makeover always makes a lovely difference!

  2. I would love to see your collection of glass! I collect blue glass, but my collection is all packed away as we re-decorate. I have purple glass candleholders in my study.