Bats and how to have one living in your room

This year I decided to learn more about bats... I always found them to be fascinating, but did you knew that there's about 1400 species of them... and more is being discovered. And only three spieces are known to feed purely on blood...  For few orhers just eat their victims flesh... But most of them feed on insects or fruits. They weary from super adorable looking to really creepy ones... Creepe, but non less fascinating;)  Bats make 1/4 of mamal population on earth and their extinction would be felt drastically...

 Well, I could write more, but there are really nice documentaries and books about bats;) You can check them out. Goes good with tea on a rainy day... Watching documentaries makes me feel so cozy :D
So bats inspired me with their unique looks and I created few of my own :D Here's the first one of them :)

The face is sculpted from polymer clay.
He is so cute little fella!
He has his own place to hang out, so you don't need to worry about him hanging on your curtains :D
Wall is a good place for him too. Bat he likes lamps and windows as well...

He, as well as few other cuties, are listed at my etsy shop www.etsy.com/shop/deadlycherries
So you can check them out. 
The begining of fall is bats mating season and soon they'll start preparing for winters hibernation. It's important to not disturb bats during this period for it can couse their death. And we want more bats in this world, don't we ;) 
Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!


Back to black and other adventures

Hello, darlings! A lot of time have passed since my last post. But it's Autumn. And Autumn is my favorite season, so I thought it would be a good season for a come back :D

Tones of things have happened. I'm basically a new person now, so I hope you'll like posts, that this new me will be writing :D

I'll try to post a little in every post of thing I want to share with you :)

But first things first...
 I want you to meet my new creations - little demons, that I call dream demons :D

I wanted to start making dolls of my own, when I fell in love with Amanda's  Spade Dust Bunnies :) And finally I started my journey as doll maker. Well I wouldn't call them dalls... They are soft fabric creatures with polymer clay faces and horns. This was my first batch. 

They are listed at my etsy shop now
But that's not all... More beautiful things were created and I'll write a bit more about them in my next post. Thanks for stopping by;)