Daily outfit: over knee socks

Well,today  it's classic Lolita inspired outfit. I tried the hair bow today. Still not my favorite thing...

The skirt is the one I made. A little bit of color into the all black coord.

Socks... I still prefer tight. Some how I feel more comfortable with them. The kinda look good but it tried to roll down all the time. It's a little bit annoying

Waving for  the sailors :D They were just marching trough my room :D
Everything else is my old jacket, bat bag and a jewelry peace I bought from an old lady from handicraft market. I wear a simple black top under the jacket. Well, but there is no use in putting much effort in it during the winter. I do it just for fun. Damn, how I wish for the spring to come...


"Yeah you bleed just to know you're alive" Iris

I stumbled upon this on Tumblr. And it brought out some memories.

Sad but true...  I still remember those times. Some little scars does. It's more then 15 years from those times. I still remember the feeling of the sadness, anger and the relief that would come after it.  I would cut little stripes with razor devouring the pain itself and then would watch the blood seeping from the wound till it would start to clot. I  ended it if I felt that was enough but sometimes I just had to make another one and another one... It was my silent fight with my inner pain, anger, demons... Call whatever you like it. The world was changing for me and no one led me. That was a scary place. It's strange to remember it now. Really... When I see young people cutting themselves I sometimes just think "Why? They have homes, parent's they go to university, have friends. Life is easy. You don't have to struggle everyday when you on your own, when you have job you hate, have to  work hard to pay your rent for an apartment that you even don't like. Why the hell? What is so bad about your life when everything is given" It's hard to understand from a grown up position. I too was also always fed, had clothes, my own room, a player, I was allowed to dye my hair,  dress more or less how I wanted. All I had to do was study, clean my room and do the chores time to time. But still... I felt miserable. Well, I had no confidence in myself back then...  It was zero. I started to build it latter but at that moment I felt like being empty, not important at all. I couldn't understand the meaning of this kind of life.  Sound silly, yeah? :D Well, I turned out to be alright.  In fact if the young myself would meet future me she would be more then pleased. Somehow mystically I turned out to be the way I always wanted :D I would love to meet silly short red hair me of the past and say " Well hello darling. Guess who?! :D "  
What I want to say i I feel sad when I notice cuts on a person. I see them as an old me drowning in fears, anger and sadness. I just don't know how to pass a message "Everything is going to be OK" and not to look cold and witless as my mother back then. 


Hand made wig for bjd

So I made another wig for my BJD Haru using synthetic hair. I like them much more then mohair. For me it is more easy to glue and to stile them then mohair or fake fur. 
I used hair from one of the wigs I have. They are dark brown heat resisting fiber so I want to try to make a long wig and to curl it later :3 I think I'll keep this idea for my deer girl. She would look lovely in soft curls. For no take a look at my latest work. By the way, the outfit is made bu me too as well as his neck piece.

 It's kin of J- rock, Visual kei style wig. It's shorter on sides and has a long piece in the pack witch can be braided. I left  longer pieces by the ears and on the  front.

The color is really nice. I've already have a long black wig so the choice of brown was just natural.
I use quite simple method to make wigs for my doll.  it takes all day since it's quite a delicate work. I make a wig cap from wt sheets and PVA glue. I learned it from this tutorial. And you can see the way the hair is glued on this one. I found it on Bliznyashka blog, though she says it's not her tutorial, but something that was posted on a forum. The author is unknown. She has a really nice blog. But it's all in Russian. Though you can still watch photos :) or try to translate it using Google. It's possible to read it that way too.

Next time I'll take a few photos while making a new wig. It's just that I'm usually so into it I forget everything else. It's just like a ritual: take a piece of hair, style, cut,  glue... It took about 6 hours to make this one with few smoking and coffee brakes.

Other wigs I made:

 I'm really proud of this one. It was made from a soft wig I found. The hair is soft and very natural. It contains of multiple shades of blond. I was my first attempt on making wigs. And I'm glad I did it well.

 This one is mohair wig. It was really hard to style it since mohair is a little bit tricky with it's length. It sheds a lot after the gluing is done so you actually have to brush out all the little hair that was not glued to the cap. And the length gets shorter. It scatters to all sides you don't want it to :D Well, it's not for me. 

This is fake fur wig. There is no gluing just sewing. But that leaves not much room for stilling  and it looks to flyffy for me. Thought is's perfect for EMO style hair :D It was the first wig I made for him.

This is the same fur wig. It was altered later and blond falls were added just by sewing them into the wig. I don't use it anymore. It's the wig of Haru "young days" :D

Well, that's all. Having BJD and creating things for it's character are one of my most favorite things. I love all kinds of creativity :) Thank's for reading.


Valentine post

Well, it's St. Valentines day today.  Do I celebrate it? well, I love my darling every single day as much as I can :D I'll just do the same on this day. And then the next day, and the next day, and the next day and so it goes on and on :D But still... This day associates to me with color red and hearts. Lots of heart. So let it be heart. Hearts in my wardrobe and jewelry box :D

I do find the image of heart attractive. That's why I have a kinda old school style tattoo of heart with black crown and thorns spreading around it. I always forget that I have it. I just do not notice it thought its on my right hips :D And sometimes its like " oh, I have a tattoo" and it's about a man palm size, so not that little :D 


Usually it's T- shirts that have image of a heart. I had much more of them when I was on Emilie Autumn madness

The only shirt I have now.  "Love hurts..."


 A gift from an old fried. I treasure it a lot.

 Time to time I make some random accessories in shape of a heart like this hair clip ;)

My Alchemy Gothic heart pendant

And our split heart pendants.  

"Heart are made....      ...... to be broken by love"

Not to mention my creations for sale at Etsy;)

Every bento looks better with hearts :D It's the most easy and most common shape to made. 

I wanna go back to making bento!!! :((
I must. Because it's so much fun :D

What else...? There is lots of things I like about hearts despite that someone told me that a heart is actually  an image of a butt.

Now that has a whole different meaning :D 

Happy Valentines Day to you all :)
Darlings :)


Bodyline shoes 146 - I like it

So I finally decided to post about Bodyline shoes I ordered.  It took quite long time to arrive. My packaged left the dispatch center only after 10 days after it was delivered to it. The order was made on 2012 10 30 and it reached me at  2012 11 21. It came in Bodyline box, there was no other wrapping. Well, I don't mind that since they were not damaged during the delivery.

 The first thing I didn't like was a strong smell.  But I payed 37 $ with shipping for it, so I should not be complaining about the quality. But still the smell is not a very nice thing.They look exactly like in the stock photo -  elegant and dollish. 

I was using this size chat I found on EGL n (Elegant Gothic Lolita) live journal.I  usually wear 39 - 40 Europe size. 40 usually goes for boots, since I want to be able to wear extra socks during the winter. I decided that it's better to have slightly bigger shoes that slightly to small ;) So, after measuring and remeasuring my foot I choose the 250 size which is  Europe 40 size and  Japan ladies 25 ;)  And it was ok. At first it felt  slightly to big but it might be just because  of the shape this shoe has... They felt just perfectly after few more times. There is a lot of room for my toe since the top of the shoe is quite round, if you can say so. My friend has Demonia boots with a similar round "nose" and the feeling wearing them is very similar.
The shoes seem be well inough for you to wear them. Just as average shoes you buy at mall or supermarket. It's just mine are much more prettier :D It would be perfect if it was leather since the only bad thing about them is the material they are made of. But as far as I know the branded Lolita shoes are also made from artificial leather... Any way, I find that the quality matches the price and even overcomes it :) I took them from the box and the smell was gone after a few days.
They look really nice, are comfortable to wear. At first  I felt that the front part starts to gall my feet after a few minutes. Maybe because they are new or maybe because my front of the feet is quite wide. That part of the shoes is quite hard too. But later the feeling disappeared and now they are really comfortable.
In the end I would say that that after few more times trying them I really like the model. It's  between that dolly sweet and Gothic look. Not to sweet but not to edgy either. They can be worn with pin up outfit or with more classic one if you need to tone downs your looks.

All in all it's 5/5
- The shoes looked exactly as in the photo. So  I got what I picked out.
- Ordering was easy and simple. Liked it a lot.
- You get what you paid for. I would say that I got a pair of very beautiful shoes for a very good price.
- Communication. I didn't need much. I made my order, got my confirmation and a tracking number. That's enough for me :)
- Shipping took longer then they promised but not longer that my usual package from China or Japan.
So it was fast enough.
I haven't worn my heels outside yet, since it's winter here. We'll se how they'll handle it.

I will surely order something else from their shoes section. My sister already want to order creeper from it.  
And what I also like is just after a year of wearing you can just throw then out and buy something new. I don't like to keep a big pile of shoes at home. It's more fun to change old shoes with new ones that collect them till there is no place to keep it :D 


Witches dance in my closet

In my book shelf there is a spot dedicated to pagan/magic/spell books. I used to be crazy about them and grab any "magic and spell" book I could found in book store. But then it was rare to find anything as a spell book in a book shop. Now there is tone of them. All are different, almost for any case you need - from home protection to bringing your partner back. Well, in few years I learned that magic works for everyone on their own way. And smile to myself when I hear people arguing over them as how wrong it is or how good. It's nor this nor that. But I guess every witch, knows that. 
I love all the movies about witches.

My favorite one is "Practical Magic". I've seen it many times and it's still fun to watch.
I love the whole atmosphere of the movie, the spells they cast and the midnight margarita :D

"The Witches of Eastwick" is another movie I can enjoy every time I see it :)
The voodoo part always creeps me out :)

The new ones I enjoyed were:

Witches  are not the main characters in here, but I still like this one. 

From my young days I imagined witch as a lady with long dark hair wearing a super long dress or skirt that sweeps the floor when she walks. I do like maxi skirts a lot. They must be wide enough and to "dance" around my legs as a walk.  And when it's so long, that you cant even see the legs it seems like the person is floating and not walking :D 
I want this from Bodyline 

Some how I started to like more elegant looks then the edgy ones. Spikes and buckles are not so fun anymore. Sometimes I want a plain long black dress...

heavy accessories like big ankh pendant

A black bolero

or a jacket ... depending on your mood.

or a long cotton coat :3 

and boot. Boot's is my must be :D 

Apparently I have everything but the dress....

Despite all the frilly stuff going around I still keep some witches in my closet. And I'll always will :)


Alchemy set for bjd

Since my doll has a perfect set of clothes, I decided ti make some stuff. This is alchemy set. Well, just a few items. I still want to make more things, like vials with potions, jars with strange liquids, more books and obtain some crystals for this purpose to. he is going to become an alchemist. I never tried before to collect and create the full set. But I want to prepare it before my deer  girls will arrive. I've already have an idea of matching outfit for her.After all sh is an enchanted creature and it's normal for them to resident at magicians  setting.

So this is the firs items. Parchment, some old (secret) papers and an Alchemy book.

Now, since I made it myself it will be much easier to make other books. I know all "must" and "mustn't" stuff an have a better knowledge of how things work.

The size is perfect.

Those papers was the most simple thing to make. I just  printed text in a suitable format, trimmed the papers to desirable size and dipped them in coffee to make them obtain that oldish yellowing. The black  tea also works fine, but I just didn't had any at that moment. So I then just left them o dry. For my surprise, they didn't stuck together. When they wear already dry I just burned the edges to make them look like they are really old. Ink jet and a writing feather will make a perfect combinations with those :)