Valentine post

Well, it's St. Valentines day today.  Do I celebrate it? well, I love my darling every single day as much as I can :D I'll just do the same on this day. And then the next day, and the next day, and the next day and so it goes on and on :D But still... This day associates to me with color red and hearts. Lots of heart. So let it be heart. Hearts in my wardrobe and jewelry box :D

I do find the image of heart attractive. That's why I have a kinda old school style tattoo of heart with black crown and thorns spreading around it. I always forget that I have it. I just do not notice it thought its on my right hips :D And sometimes its like " oh, I have a tattoo" and it's about a man palm size, so not that little :D 


Usually it's T- shirts that have image of a heart. I had much more of them when I was on Emilie Autumn madness

The only shirt I have now.  "Love hurts..."


 A gift from an old fried. I treasure it a lot.

 Time to time I make some random accessories in shape of a heart like this hair clip ;)

My Alchemy Gothic heart pendant

And our split heart pendants.  

"Heart are made....      ...... to be broken by love"

Not to mention my creations for sale at Etsy;)

Every bento looks better with hearts :D It's the most easy and most common shape to made. 

I wanna go back to making bento!!! :((
I must. Because it's so much fun :D

What else...? There is lots of things I like about hearts despite that someone told me that a heart is actually  an image of a butt.

Now that has a whole different meaning :D 

Happy Valentines Day to you all :)
Darlings :)


  1. That's a very beautiful tattoo! I have the exact same Alchemy Gothic necklace but mine broke. I've saved the bits though, so I can make something else out of it.

    Best bat print ever! Happy Valentine's Day! :o)

    1. Thank you :) I know there is glue that glue metal. You could try those for you heart pendant. Although I don't know how bad is the damage..

  2. Oh I put my heart (with the skeleton) I bought from your etsy on my coat. It's lovely and has so many details :). Me and my youngest son has talked about Bento boxes for a while. Even if he gets lunch at school he need something more to eat during the day and I need to encourgage him to eat more because his so thin. I'm going to buy one for myself, that would encourage me to eat more vegan raw food :)

    1. I'm glad to hear that.
      And about bento. There is a good site justbento.com to read more about it. I love bento because it actually makes you aware of what you eat. You consciously put food you need in your box. And of course it's more fun to eat it like that. For me i't just another form of creativity. I could talk hours about it.
      If you need advice, just email me ;)