Daily outfit: over knee socks

Well,today  it's classic Lolita inspired outfit. I tried the hair bow today. Still not my favorite thing...

The skirt is the one I made. A little bit of color into the all black coord.

Socks... I still prefer tight. Some how I feel more comfortable with them. The kinda look good but it tried to roll down all the time. It's a little bit annoying

Waving for  the sailors :D They were just marching trough my room :D
Everything else is my old jacket, bat bag and a jewelry peace I bought from an old lady from handicraft market. I wear a simple black top under the jacket. Well, but there is no use in putting much effort in it during the winter. I do it just for fun. Damn, how I wish for the spring to come...


  1. That skirt you made is gorgeous! I would never had noticed it was handmade, I was totally sure it was a brand skirt.
    And the bag is so cute <3 lovely outfit, really!

  2. Oh, thank you :) You make me blush. I'm thinking to make more post about customizing simple clothing and accessories, so something like a bat bag might pop out too since it's also one of my most simple customizations.

  3. You made this skirt? It's so pretty :). And you look realy nice with this hair bow

    1. Thank you. Well, the seems are pretty messy, It's good that it cant be seen :D But I like the visual look of it a lot.

  4. You look super pretty. I prefer tights over socks most of the time soon. Mostly because it's too windy in San Francisco for knee socks to really keep me warm.