Alchemy set for bjd

Since my doll has a perfect set of clothes, I decided ti make some stuff. This is alchemy set. Well, just a few items. I still want to make more things, like vials with potions, jars with strange liquids, more books and obtain some crystals for this purpose to. he is going to become an alchemist. I never tried before to collect and create the full set. But I want to prepare it before my deer  girls will arrive. I've already have an idea of matching outfit for her.After all sh is an enchanted creature and it's normal for them to resident at magicians  setting.

So this is the firs items. Parchment, some old (secret) papers and an Alchemy book.

Now, since I made it myself it will be much easier to make other books. I know all "must" and "mustn't" stuff an have a better knowledge of how things work.

The size is perfect.

Those papers was the most simple thing to make. I just  printed text in a suitable format, trimmed the papers to desirable size and dipped them in coffee to make them obtain that oldish yellowing. The black  tea also works fine, but I just didn't had any at that moment. So I then just left them o dry. For my surprise, they didn't stuck together. When they wear already dry I just burned the edges to make them look like they are really old. Ink jet and a writing feather will make a perfect combinations with those :)


  1. I love the alchemy book! You did it yourself? It's so pretty <3 I may consider the idea of altering my Moleskine in a similar way :) I hope you don't mind if I take inspiration from your work ^^

  2. Yes, I did it myself :)
    Inspiration is ok :) as long as it's not a total copy ;)

    1. Don't worry, it won't be a copy ^^ I just liked the idea of attaching stuff to my notepad, but it will be different stuff :D thank you ;)

  3. You create the most lovely and delicate things to your dolls!