Witches dance in my closet

In my book shelf there is a spot dedicated to pagan/magic/spell books. I used to be crazy about them and grab any "magic and spell" book I could found in book store. But then it was rare to find anything as a spell book in a book shop. Now there is tone of them. All are different, almost for any case you need - from home protection to bringing your partner back. Well, in few years I learned that magic works for everyone on their own way. And smile to myself when I hear people arguing over them as how wrong it is or how good. It's nor this nor that. But I guess every witch, knows that. 
I love all the movies about witches.

My favorite one is "Practical Magic". I've seen it many times and it's still fun to watch.
I love the whole atmosphere of the movie, the spells they cast and the midnight margarita :D

"The Witches of Eastwick" is another movie I can enjoy every time I see it :)
The voodoo part always creeps me out :)

The new ones I enjoyed were:

Witches  are not the main characters in here, but I still like this one. 

From my young days I imagined witch as a lady with long dark hair wearing a super long dress or skirt that sweeps the floor when she walks. I do like maxi skirts a lot. They must be wide enough and to "dance" around my legs as a walk.  And when it's so long, that you cant even see the legs it seems like the person is floating and not walking :D 
I want this from Bodyline 

Some how I started to like more elegant looks then the edgy ones. Spikes and buckles are not so fun anymore. Sometimes I want a plain long black dress...

heavy accessories like big ankh pendant

A black bolero

or a jacket ... depending on your mood.

or a long cotton coat :3 

and boot. Boot's is my must be :D 

Apparently I have everything but the dress....

Despite all the frilly stuff going around I still keep some witches in my closet. And I'll always will :)


  1. I like a witchy style :D sometimes I put on a long skirt, a pair of victorian boots, cross pendants, a long cardigan and all the rings I can manage to wear :D
    The boots in that picture are AWESOME, by the way :) may I ask you where did you find that picture?

  2. I love witchy style! I think I might try it. I have a long gray skirt that I haven't figured out how to wear yet.

    1. I think it might look good with simple black or grey top, a classic denim jacket,a nice cotton scarf and a big necklace or pendant. Those big scarfs create a nice witch stile. http://cache0.bigcartel.com/product_images/72190253/BIG-01.jpg

    2. Everything but the denim jacket sounds like a great idea. I can never pull off denim jackets... Thanks for the idea! :)

    3. oh my :D when I meant classic denim jacket I meant like this one :D http://gothicallyyours.blogspot.com/2012/09/day-outfit-hitting-streets.html
      not the classic "classic" one. Those "classic" ones are might not be perfect for the "witches" :)
      The one I'm wearing is actually from denim fabric but has the shape of a classic jacket. I like it a lot since the fabric is very good for everyday use but it still looks elegant :)

  3. Great post! I love witchy style myself and I even have a pair of curly-toed boots for when I'm feeling particularly 'witchy'

    1. I find Victorian shoes quite matchable for this theme. Ah, maybe I should get a pair :>

  4. Yeeah Practical Magic, I love it soo much ♥ and also your blog is very awesome :]