Bodyline shoes 146 - I like it

So I finally decided to post about Bodyline shoes I ordered.  It took quite long time to arrive. My packaged left the dispatch center only after 10 days after it was delivered to it. The order was made on 2012 10 30 and it reached me at  2012 11 21. It came in Bodyline box, there was no other wrapping. Well, I don't mind that since they were not damaged during the delivery.

 The first thing I didn't like was a strong smell.  But I payed 37 $ with shipping for it, so I should not be complaining about the quality. But still the smell is not a very nice thing.They look exactly like in the stock photo -  elegant and dollish. 

I was using this size chat I found on EGL n (Elegant Gothic Lolita) live journal.I  usually wear 39 - 40 Europe size. 40 usually goes for boots, since I want to be able to wear extra socks during the winter. I decided that it's better to have slightly bigger shoes that slightly to small ;) So, after measuring and remeasuring my foot I choose the 250 size which is  Europe 40 size and  Japan ladies 25 ;)  And it was ok. At first it felt  slightly to big but it might be just because  of the shape this shoe has... They felt just perfectly after few more times. There is a lot of room for my toe since the top of the shoe is quite round, if you can say so. My friend has Demonia boots with a similar round "nose" and the feeling wearing them is very similar.
The shoes seem be well inough for you to wear them. Just as average shoes you buy at mall or supermarket. It's just mine are much more prettier :D It would be perfect if it was leather since the only bad thing about them is the material they are made of. But as far as I know the branded Lolita shoes are also made from artificial leather... Any way, I find that the quality matches the price and even overcomes it :) I took them from the box and the smell was gone after a few days.
They look really nice, are comfortable to wear. At first  I felt that the front part starts to gall my feet after a few minutes. Maybe because they are new or maybe because my front of the feet is quite wide. That part of the shoes is quite hard too. But later the feeling disappeared and now they are really comfortable.
In the end I would say that that after few more times trying them I really like the model. It's  between that dolly sweet and Gothic look. Not to sweet but not to edgy either. They can be worn with pin up outfit or with more classic one if you need to tone downs your looks.

All in all it's 5/5
- The shoes looked exactly as in the photo. So  I got what I picked out.
- Ordering was easy and simple. Liked it a lot.
- You get what you paid for. I would say that I got a pair of very beautiful shoes for a very good price.
- Communication. I didn't need much. I made my order, got my confirmation and a tracking number. That's enough for me :)
- Shipping took longer then they promised but not longer that my usual package from China or Japan.
So it was fast enough.
I haven't worn my heels outside yet, since it's winter here. We'll se how they'll handle it.

I will surely order something else from their shoes section. My sister already want to order creeper from it.  
And what I also like is just after a year of wearing you can just throw then out and buy something new. I don't like to keep a big pile of shoes at home. It's more fun to change old shoes with new ones that collect them till there is no place to keep it :D 


  1. It's true, Bodyline shoes smell really, really bad. I ordered a model that's very similar yo yours a few years ago and I still remember that smell XD it took weeks for it to disappear.
    I was satisfied with my order too, they were super cute and the quality was ok considering the low price, but the size didn't fit me. I'm a 39 and I bought the right size but my toes bang against the shoe. It's quite uncomfortable to walk in them :/

    1. for me it took less then a week for the smell to be gone. A for the size. I guess it also depends on the model. Well I also mostly wear 39 size. but there were cases when I needed 40. So I decided to go with it this time to. I guess you should try 40 too. Have you worn them outside? How are they? still looking good?

    2. I don't know, I've never worn a 40 :/ I'm more of a 38 1/2, that's why I found it weird that they were too small. But they're still wearable, so it doesn't bother me that muc :)
      Yes, I've worn them outside several times and they're still pretty. Of course they've got some little scratches, but that's because I even took long walks in them and went to conventions and stuff :) so if you are more careful than me they'll stay flawless :D

  2. Man you have no IDEA how much I appreciate seeing this post! I have been considering buying Bodyline shoes and I was really curious about the quality and such.

  3. They look great! I'm interested to see how they hold up over time. Do they dig in at all? I have a pair of Demonia chunky heel shoes, and although everyone says they're sooo pretty, they are the most uncomfortable shoe I own! They cut my feet up really bad after wearing them around downtown for only a few hours; I have permanent scars now :( I'm looking for a similar style mary jane to wear out often, but I want it to be comfortable...which is hard to find. It's strange though, I remember them being viral in the 90s and they were comfy, I don't know what happened to that.

    1. Well' I'm curious myself :) I'll let you know after taking them for a walk :D Well, I got Demonia chunky heels too. They are a little bit to small but I'm doing my best to stretch them till spring. I just adore how they look on my feet <3 The shape is lovely :>
      The Bodyline heels don't deg anymore. I wear them at home sometimes for a hours and everything feels normal and comfy. But the first time I tried them I felt uncomfortable pressure in the front of my foot. But I don't any more.

  4. Oh lovely shoes! I think shoes with rounded toes are more comfortable, I want my toes free :). Thanks for the review

  5. These look lovely. I was thinking of ordering something from them, but was unsure. Glad to know omit went well.

    1. Well, they are not a scammers. So, you should really try it. At least I'm really happy with the service and quality... and price :)

  6. First, thanks for this review!!! I was looking into buying this model and I wasn't too sure. Also, you mentioned that the front of your feet is very wide. Mine are too. Would you say that this shoe model would accomodate to particularly wide feet?