Going raw...

So, everything started when a mutual friend of ours started to work as chef at raw  restaurant. At first I was like "this is not lasagna if it has no pasta and how are these spaghetti if there is no spaghetti?" But I knew  that it all was just for checking the new waters. We spend the evening talking about raw food and watching  raw recipes on you tube. The evening ended by me making a raw spread from seeds and veggies I had at the moment. It was damn delicious. So that all week I ate raw spreads with everything :D I found out about cashew cream and almond milk and got more and more obsess with idea that I want to eat like that. I was thinking about getting food processor and blender... just thinking until I got this book from my aunt for Christmas :D

"Healthy and delicious Raw cocktails, smoothies and other non-alcoholic drinks"

And I believe that my aunt got it for me because it's a good looking book for as long as I know she is not into raw food culture :D But for me it was a push.

Well, I already ordered my food processor and shaker. It will be in one week. I can't wait to get my hands on it. I do believe that all my emotional mood swings are due to bad diet ( word "diet" describes the sum of food you eat and it doesn't specifically mean not eating for weight loosing purpose).

I'm more exited that I'll get opportunity to try new recipes that are easy to make and are delicious as well as get nutrient and vitamins I need since all our veggies were backed or boiled. And not many good stuff are left after that. Basically I'm letting my body to have what it is craving for and it is craving for raw food like mad. 
Other good thing is that while my mate will be cooking his measl I will not have to wait till the stove will be free to use it and will be able to prepare my meal at the same time so we could enjoy dinner time together. 

Basically it's a new fun thing for me. Not sure how long it will last. I'm not going vegan. I'll just be eating my vegetables and fruits raw. I'm especially happy that there is a healthy replacement for all those cupcakes and cakes. 

Look at these!!!
I also have a secret desire to surprise my mother with all this tasty cooking that I know she would love.
I tried  raw beetroots chips and they are amazingly tasty!! Just look at the color of this smoothie of beetroots:D

I have just a perfect glass for this bloody red drink >:)

I like that this new obsession gives me positive emotions. It's fun and that is really important for me ;)
I guess next post will be about me shaping seed bread into coffins and serving it with perfectly red raw tomatoes spread :D Oh, the space for imagination :D
I would appreciate if anyone who has experience in eating raw would share their mind ;)


A little bit of nonsence

I'm not in my best mood today and this week just because... it happens time to time. So here's a funny comic from my sister about smoking. 

 bottom (in Lithuanian) "The image of a chimney haven't  impressed anybody..." 

 "... not even the Santa Clause!" 

She is quite good with funny and ironic cartoons :D At least I think so :D

What else... these things  makes me feel better just by posting them...
OK. So, they keep two horses. Every summer there is a problem of keeping them safe from all kind of horseflies and bloodsucker. Those things are really annoying. So they bought a face cover fort the horses. And the one they choose looked... impressive :D

I was laughing so hard at these XD

\I'll go back on packing gifts now...


Deadly Cherries: headband

Made another darker headband again!!! I actually started from the dark ones, but the colorful was a bigger hit. This one looks great with a bigger hairdo or dread-falls. I'll have to show you someday :D

 It has a hand sculpted skull of a bird, some charms and a fang cameo and is decorated with laces and ribbons. The horns are wider and placed lowers for that more shamanic look. You can find them at my shop Deadly Cherries