A little bit of nonsence

I'm not in my best mood today and this week just because... it happens time to time. So here's a funny comic from my sister about smoking. 

 bottom (in Lithuanian) "The image of a chimney haven't  impressed anybody..." 

 "... not even the Santa Clause!" 

She is quite good with funny and ironic cartoons :D At least I think so :D

What else... these things  makes me feel better just by posting them...
OK. So, they keep two horses. Every summer there is a problem of keeping them safe from all kind of horseflies and bloodsucker. Those things are really annoying. So they bought a face cover fort the horses. And the one they choose looked... impressive :D

I was laughing so hard at these XD

\I'll go back on packing gifts now...

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  1. Ha ha. Your sister is brilliant! I'll have to show Johan those face covers and show him that horses with the eyes in front of their head really exist. On our vacation we painted wood horses and he painted the eyes just like the face covers :D.
    Some good sense of humour is a good treat when you are a little down. Hope you'll feel better soon <3