How do you like the blond me??

It's just a wig. I'm still fire red :D But when I was born my hair was just as blond as this wig. They got darker latter. But there's still a photo of my dad and mom holding a 2 -3 years old golden hair child. The dark side took him at the year of 9....I think :D I was still quite a blond in a first year of school :D


Evil frame from hell... done.

Here's the finished Evil frame...with a cute pic who's author I can't remember... :( I have it for a long time. I thought I lost it but have finally find it under another photo of the same orange frame I redecorated to his one :D If you recognize the pic, please write me the author :)

 Here's the finished frame.

 The thorns came out nicely and the black color looks really good. I use black fabric acrylic paint. They gave the gloss so the was no need to polish it.

The corners. Damn, I love this frame :) 

I had really great time making them. Now you know what my friends will be getting for their birthdays this year :D :D


Deer horns. Back to black woods...

Remember the deer horns I was making along with the Evil frame from hell?? I'm done :) So here are the horns. I'm really happy about them. I'm thinking about a photo session where  me and my friend are gonna to try them out :D I just have to make a pair for her :)

Here's the deer itself. Photos were taken in the morning before my work. So no much make up. I'm thinking about a nice photo shoot while we have snow here :)  I'm thinking about all black outfit with long skirt, bare feet on snow and our red hair dazzling in a wind. Let the hunt begin. We need to find a cute hunter for us :D

The theme was a little bit inspired by The dark Victorian "Art post" about two enchanted girls. 
I'm a big fan of fairy tails :)

Now...do you like my horns? :)


Tights Imitating Over Knee Socks

I always envied my friend who could wear over knee socks because of her absolutely gorgeous legs. Her legs are slim and long, while I have more of femine figure witch remind sand clock. Usually over knee socks roll down from my tights or maybe I never found the right size for me to wear. So the tights that looks like over knee socks  were the perfect solution. I'm so happy I can wear them and feel really comfortable :D

 I do love them and can't wait to go out wearing them :P

 My J-rock skirt goes well with it too...

Well, all short skirt goes well with it. And shorts too... and black bloomer that I have :>
God didn't gave me slim long legs to wear over knee socks, but I gave myself these tights :D


Evil frame project

I had a simple orange frame that I decide to turn into an Evil frame. You can see the work is already in progress. I bought a pack of modeling paste  and begin to work. 

It's quite easy to make those spikes on the corners. You just put some modeling material on and start modeling.
 Make a nipple look like thorn

 Place it on a frame where you want your thorn to be

Then rind it. I use my finger nails for it. Make as many thorns as you want. this is the first attempt to create frames with modeling paste. I'll try something more elegant next time.

The finished frame. Now I just have to wait for it to dry. I'll paint it in black later and add some polish. I'll post the finished product photo as soon as it will dry ;)

P.S. I made a pair of deer horns for myself too :P

Drying and waiting for painting.


A bat lamp

I have an old ceiling lamp in my room. It doesn't give much light since the ceilings are quite high. After seeing one of the Amie's from Ultimate Goth Guide gifts, I decided to make something simple and cute to decorate my lamp in a batty way :D

This is how it looks during the day, and when the night comes... voila.

It' like they are dancing over the moon :)

What I've done is just took some cardboard to cut out bats, then I used simple black paints to paint them and a floss to hang them on a lamp. I also threw some of them in to the lamp to get a spooky shadow effect. It's not so spooky thought, but still lovely. I do like what I did :) The lamp don't look so plane any more. 


I'm back...

I'm back at last... After a few weeks steeling internet from my friends for email checking, I got my own at last. It's slow as a sleeping snail, but at least now I can post something from the photos I've been taking and so on. The Christmas and New Year was as always. After having a break up with my boyfriend it was a little bit strange to celebrate them without him. Strange, but not sad (well, maybe a little bit...) After all it was 4 years spent together... Oh well, life goes on :) So do I :) I'll try my best not to look back.

So, Christmas... I always make something sweet and delicious for my family as a gift. I rarely buy presents. I prefer to make them and so I did this year.

Here are the lovely sweets my family got this year. I was quite busy while making them.

 Caramel, white chocolate, dry cranberries, pea nuts and ginger bread biscuit as a basis.

 Ginger bread biscuit, white chocolate, raisins, caramel (inside) and almond flakes.

Ginger bread muffins with black chocolate inside and white chocolate on top.

I backed them till 1 a.m., then went to bed and 9 a.m. I was on a train that took me home. The journey took about three hour, but at last I was sitting by a nice and big table and and having my Christmas breakfast with my family... :)
New Year were spent with a few friend. After watching a ton of fireworks setting the sky on fire we went to their place and the celebration continued :) It was almost alcohol free celebration so it means no headache the next day :D The first day of  New Year was calm and nice. I heard these year are the year of the Black Water Dragon. And since I was born on a year of a Black Water Boar, I hope he will be friendly to me :)

Next post - Gothisize your room: Bat lamp. Take a peek :)