I'm back...

I'm back at last... After a few weeks steeling internet from my friends for email checking, I got my own at last. It's slow as a sleeping snail, but at least now I can post something from the photos I've been taking and so on. The Christmas and New Year was as always. After having a break up with my boyfriend it was a little bit strange to celebrate them without him. Strange, but not sad (well, maybe a little bit...) After all it was 4 years spent together... Oh well, life goes on :) So do I :) I'll try my best not to look back.

So, Christmas... I always make something sweet and delicious for my family as a gift. I rarely buy presents. I prefer to make them and so I did this year.

Here are the lovely sweets my family got this year. I was quite busy while making them.

 Caramel, white chocolate, dry cranberries, pea nuts and ginger bread biscuit as a basis.

 Ginger bread biscuit, white chocolate, raisins, caramel (inside) and almond flakes.

Ginger bread muffins with black chocolate inside and white chocolate on top.

I backed them till 1 a.m., then went to bed and 9 a.m. I was on a train that took me home. The journey took about three hour, but at last I was sitting by a nice and big table and and having my Christmas breakfast with my family... :)
New Year were spent with a few friend. After watching a ton of fireworks setting the sky on fire we went to their place and the celebration continued :) It was almost alcohol free celebration so it means no headache the next day :D The first day of  New Year was calm and nice. I heard these year are the year of the Black Water Dragon. And since I was born on a year of a Black Water Boar, I hope he will be friendly to me :)

Next post - Gothisize your room: Bat lamp. Take a peek :) 


  1. The treats look delicious and I can't wait to learn more about the bat lamp. It already looks awesome. :)

  2. Oh those look yummy!

    When I had my SECOND 3-year relationship break up an older friend consoled me saying, "3 years is not that long". It seems like a long time, but when you get my age it really feels like nothing much. Now I know what she meant--can hardly remember the first year relationship!!

  3. I feel like I gained 5 pounds just looking at your treat photos. :)

    Lots of changes for the new year! May it be a wonderful one for you. Change really can be a great thing, and propel you to bigger and better things.

  4. can't stop staring at your sweets XD

    hope you will have a great 2012!

  5. Thank's all of you :) Yep, I know changes are good. I'm looking for these years to bring something nice and beautiful :) I wish the same for all of you ;)

  6. That food looks absolutely delicious :D