A bat lamp

I have an old ceiling lamp in my room. It doesn't give much light since the ceilings are quite high. After seeing one of the Amie's from Ultimate Goth Guide gifts, I decided to make something simple and cute to decorate my lamp in a batty way :D

This is how it looks during the day, and when the night comes... voila.

It' like they are dancing over the moon :)

What I've done is just took some cardboard to cut out bats, then I used simple black paints to paint them and a floss to hang them on a lamp. I also threw some of them in to the lamp to get a spooky shadow effect. It's not so spooky thought, but still lovely. I do like what I did :) The lamp don't look so plane any more. 


  1. Oh, thats an awesome idea! <3

  2. It really looks as if they are flying in front of a full moon, so nice! I have a ugly can like lamp i consider to remake, an those bats you throwed inside gave me inspiration for that lamp.

  3. what a great idea and definitely better than my plain light bulb hanging around up there XD

  4. Oh that's such a cute and inventive idea! x

  5. Wow i think I'm gonna do something similar, i love it .D