Evil frame project

I had a simple orange frame that I decide to turn into an Evil frame. You can see the work is already in progress. I bought a pack of modeling paste  and begin to work. 

It's quite easy to make those spikes on the corners. You just put some modeling material on and start modeling.
 Make a nipple look like thorn

 Place it on a frame where you want your thorn to be

Then rind it. I use my finger nails for it. Make as many thorns as you want. this is the first attempt to create frames with modeling paste. I'll try something more elegant next time.

The finished frame. Now I just have to wait for it to dry. I'll paint it in black later and add some polish. I'll post the finished product photo as soon as it will dry ;)

P.S. I made a pair of deer horns for myself too :P

Drying and waiting for painting.


  1. They look wonderful! Clever ideas both.

  2. hey! you have a lovely blog and what a great idea!! Just a question what is this white matirial and where can i found it?!