Deer horns. Back to black woods...

Remember the deer horns I was making along with the Evil frame from hell?? I'm done :) So here are the horns. I'm really happy about them. I'm thinking about a photo session where  me and my friend are gonna to try them out :D I just have to make a pair for her :)

Here's the deer itself. Photos were taken in the morning before my work. So no much make up. I'm thinking about a nice photo shoot while we have snow here :)  I'm thinking about all black outfit with long skirt, bare feet on snow and our red hair dazzling in a wind. Let the hunt begin. We need to find a cute hunter for us :D

The theme was a little bit inspired by The dark Victorian "Art post" about two enchanted girls. 
I'm a big fan of fairy tails :)

Now...do you like my horns? :)


  1. They are so lovely. I saw Red Riding Hood yesterday and in one scene she's wearing deer horns, and I was thinking of yours. Great to see how they turned out.

  2. Oh gosh! You look so cute with those!!! <3