Lace top for warmer weather

 So, I ordered a blouse from Ebay and it arrived today. My wardrobe is really in lack of tops so I decided I need to purchase few. I liked this one because of the lace and the high collar  I find it really attractive. I think it will go well with both Gothic and Lolita look. I'll just have to tone it down for Lolita by wearing a jacket. That will give more modesty to the outfit. The fabric is surprisingly soft. I was afraid it will be a itchy laces bot no they are not. The price was about 12 dollars so it's really affordable. The size is one and it's "S" but a bigger girls would fit it too, How ever for the XS it would be a little bit lose. I tried it with satin corset and a long skirt. Perfect for warmer weather. Though for a really hot day I would recommend something from natural material like linen , silk or cotton ;)

Well, I can say it's very versatile and will look good while rocking a party or attending grandmas birthday ;) Or even on a job interview . Combined with the jacked or cardigan of course since you never know how much of skin one think is decent to show. 


  1. Very pretty outfit! :> Love the shirt.

  2. This is a beautiful blouse! I'm surprised it cost so little money. It fits you wonderfully :) I guess I'd wear it with a jacket too, but I think that worn like this, with a corset, it's not vulgar at all. Very nice outfit :)

  3. Oh my! I think I fell in love with that blouse you're wearing. I think i'm going to buy me one myself.