Firts post of the year :D

Sooo... Happy New Year to you all. I wonder what these year of black water snake will bring. Well, not the End of the Worlds at least :D Had a dream about aliens again ( I have them regularly). This time they came to eliminate our gender. And I was like "But of course  there are so much misunderstanding and unhappiness, just because there are two genders on Earth". When I woke up I thought that next time they should eliminate  races and religion :D But really, I wonder what it would be if we had no gender. I guess, I'll have to wait till another dream :D
So, my lovely Vampire requiem skirt came just on time as well as a lovely black cardigan  I bought from another Lolita :D So I was pretty as a doll during the holidays. Except that I was sick as a snow man in the summer. I felt dizzy all the time, I lost the ability to smell. Seriously  I could not smell anything for a week. And believe me, the food does taste weird then. But finally my ability to smell things came back to me :D Just on time when I bought myself a package of cognac flavored coffee :)
I almost finished another high waist Lolita skirt. This one is classic style floral skirt with stripes. But looks really good with black accessories. I remade my long curly wig. And now it's short and super curly. I teased it to get more of that elegant aristocratic look that Mana Sama usually have. 
My wardrobe has change completely :D I never had so many skirts. :D And a puff, even a little one,  changes the way a skirt looks. So I recommend you all ladies get yourself a puffy petticoat. I'm not a big fan of a super big puff but a medium one does gives a nice shape to wide knee length skirts. It feels more sophisticated then. ( at least for me ). Here, you can see how much better those skirts looks with a petticoat. And I think that goes not only for a Lolita style ;) The same goes for dresses. I still don't have one. But I've ordered it yesterday (from here)   I'm quite inpatient so I decided to order one from UK seller in hopes it would reach me in week. Since ordering from China means at least three week of waiting :( And I want it now. I wanted to order from Classical Puppets, but that one is expensive  super puffy and... need about a moth to be made. And as a total noob in this fashion I decided firs to see how I feel about wearing a petticoat at all. I don't want to wear it just occasionally. I want to wear it everyday. I'll order the fluffy one when I'll have this "everyday" one ;) 
A new must have item.
It's a wonderful print from Infanta.

I love it. I would love it in black, but deep red is also a perfect color.
Roses, crowns and prince... nothing to add :D


  1. What an amazing fabric!
    Happy New Year! <3

  2. Petticoats are the best thing ever. Also that is an aaaaamazing print from infanta.

    1. Yes, I know. I love Alice and the Pirates prints and stile. And this one also hits the theme :) And I'm glad it's not a copy :D