Outfits: Lolita and stuff

 Here's some new coords.  This time almost everything is off brand. I have only Bodyline shoes and bolero (shrug).
 A long skirt also would look good with it. It would give more mature look.

So lets begin:
Bolero: Bodyline( bought on EGL)
Blouse: Ebay about 10 $
Corset: Ebay about 10 $
Skirt:  reconstructed second handed. It was XXL size, but I liked the lace So I gathered it to fit my waist.
Bag: second handed. I just added the bat bow.
Hosiery: Local market. I'm wearing lace tights over blue ones :)

All the accessories are hand made ;) I like it a lot :D  Could walk it all day but the is no point as long as it's winter since the coat covers any effort to dress up. Oh, spring, hurry, please. In today fashion of denim pants and sweaters I miss this elegance... 

"Unfortunately we live in a society where it’s fashionable to dress as peasants.


  1. I find it difficult to look fashionable in the winter, when the most important thing is trying to stay warm ...

    I love your little flower pin and the sleeves on your shrug are so cute! Best of all, the bat bow on the purse! :o)

    1. Oh, thanks. Yes, winter doesn't give much credits for that :D I usually wear something warm when just going to the shop. And not much time is spend to pic out clothes :)

  2. I love your tights. Really the whole outfit is quite lovely.