Review: Scaredy Cat eye shadows (red and brown)

Remember last review? :) I've already tried the red and brown shadows too :)

 Sakura, Cirrina, Dee's nuts and Muertos. Sakura is my favorite since it goes perfectly with my hair color :) It is on top of my top eye lid. I applied Dee's nuts on my bottom lid, a little bit Cirrina on the inner corner and Muertos on the middle and outer corner. Don't forget the dots :)

Next time I'm mixing more colors together. I could play all day with them.  I have an idea to make a organizer for those little bottles. Just to help me keep them safely. I'm thinking about coffin shaped organizer. One day I'll have to sit and count hove many coffin shaped stuff I have :) 

And I love my hair color in this photo. During past few days I wasn't very happy with my look. Something is missing. I want my long hair back:(( I know I had to do what I did. The ends were splitting and braking. But still... Any tips for making hair grown faster. A lot of you, ladies, have such a nice long hair:P 


  1. You look SO super-cute with the teased pigtails!! I can't decide if I like that or the curls better - both suit you so well. I'm really enjoying your new makeup looks, especially with the red eyeshadow with your hair color and skin tone.

    Long hair is tricky for me, as I have very delicate hair. I've succeeded at growing it down nearly to the bottom of my butt by treating it like delicate silk: lots of keep it in a sleep cap at night. Mr. Kitty, on the other hand, abuses his terribly and it just grows and grows... I guess it's partly just good luck. :)

  2. Tee hee, you're so adorable. And VictorianKitty is right, your hair is super-cute. <3

  3. Oh, and my hair is long but it grows very, very, very fast, and it takes a lot of shit. I try to plait it at night to keep it from turning into a bird's nest (which it WILL) and if I'm not careful it sort of melts when I wash it. Yeah, that's not a miscommunication. I literally mean that it has no stuctural integrity, and it MELTS.

    My tip is getting a lot of salon treatments at a salon that caters to elderly women, and taking their advice on products to use.

  4. oh i really like that last pic! cuuuute!

    and good luck on getting your hair to grow faster.

  5. How is it that you look marvelous in every single eyeshadow color? It's magical! :)

    Hair grows about 1/2 inch per month. The trick is to reduce damage so it doesn't break off shorter. What works for me is no bleach, lots of conditioner, air drying about 80% before blow drying, and ceramic heat tools instead of metal. Your hair will no doubt continue to look cute while it's growing!

  6. Victorian Kitty, Thanks for the compliment. Your hair is super amazing. I like to tease mine and to color to... I know it's bad. I just want them to be long enough to cover my chest :D I hope next winter they'll reach it.

    Kitty Lovett,
    I know the feeling of melted hair :D When My was long, they did the same thing. I lot of conditioner always helped :)

    Kakuidori, thanks;)

    you make me blush :)
    I'll try natural treatment for them, such as olive oil and raw egg hair-mask. Hope it will help.
    By the way, you have a super useful and wonderful blog ;)