Lets add some color: Green

This is how I looked while going to meet my old friend. We haven't seen each other in a long time so it had to be a fun meeting and it was :D

I'm wearing my new electrical green sweater. This is the first colorful peace of cloth after some time. I don't wear it often but it looks good with synthetic leather pants I got. The neckline is quite big so it goes perfect with my spider web top.
Jewelry: My spiked heart and "Bite me" necklace. Simple, but effective;)
My hairdo was kind of 80ties. I know tousling them is not very good but I love my puffy forehead :)

Some nice hair pins. The ribbons are made by me and the beautiful silver color hair clip was found on a flea market.

I'm wearing me lovely Bat Glide earrings. 

So, the green sweater... Do you like it? I think I do :) A little bit unusual but nice :)


  1. It looks great on you. Couldn't beleive a shawl neck sweater could look so good matched with goth style.

  2. I knew you of cut out and keep, later I find your blog and I love this!!
    You inspired me ^^.
    Sorry for the ortography u.u.

  3. Well, my spider web top always fix the problem of non Gothiness in other clothes :D

    Anny, thanks for the flattering words. I'm glad to hear that I inspired someone :) really sweet :>

  4. Oh, I love this earing!!! <3 And your styling is so cute :)

  5. You looked great! Love the style