Fashion post: waist chincher from old blouse

So I had a black blouse with a waist  cincher sewed to it. It looked something like this (this one is not mine).

The bloused got worn out and before I decidet to discard of it, I clipped off the cincher. I decided to decorate it nicely and wear for everyday as waist cincher that compliments casual clothes. Here it is...

 The front

 The back

 The side look. 
As you can see I sewed a leather stripes on the each side to support it. I'm thinking about boning too, but maybe I'll keep it for another project since this cincher is comfortable to wear as it is now. I just put it on and it gives a darker look on a blink. 

 The other things I did was bats applications. I had some spear leather so I cut them out and sewed on the back.
 And one on the front  :)

Now they glide on my back :P
This thing was super easy to make and now it's super comfortable and cute to wear. In a times when I feel that something is missing in my outfit, I just put this thing on and I'm ready to go :) It's a good way to have something authentic for those who are not very good at sewing. Cutting out leather applications (or fake leather) is easy. If you are not confident in drawing them yourself, you can find some on the internet. Print them out and use as a template ;)
So good luck if you'll decide to make one. Send me a link of your finished work:)

Gothically yours...

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  1. Ooh, this looks so cool! I love the little batty's. :D <3!