Ch.. ch.. ch... changes :D a new flat

Good news. I'll be mowing to a new apartment soon. I've found a room to rent. I needed one since I decided I'don't like the one I live in any more... So, a friend said he knows someone who rents a room. I went to see it, and the other day I took it. The kitchen and bathroom is not the one you would dream of, but the main thing why I decided to move there is the color of the room. It's WHITE. White is the most neutral color a goth could dream that allows a perfect transformation from common to  darkly creative.

Lovely :) Unfortunately, it's not my room :D Source

There was a big white wardrobe (about 2 m tall), a large window, a simple bed, a corner table (perfect for my sewing machine) a large cupboard and a balcony. 
I know how I'll decorate the window. I always wanted to have those lovely long curtains. And thanks to Bane, I now know how to make them in the most simple way :) I definatly will borrow some ideas for the wardrobe decoration from her.. and for the lovely curtain over the bed too:D

Like in here

Or here :)

For a perfect look I'll need a perfect bedding :D I looked for some at the Ebay, but then decided that I'll have to make one. It will be cheaper and more unique. Attachable ruffles will be a good way to cover not so beautiful legs of the bed and will give some style too ;) I like the idea how to make a bed in here.

I think pillows do give a wonderful look to a bed. Especially when they all are in different sizes and colors :D

Next, the accessories. I always wanted some black candle holders - lanterns  that would look like bird cages. I like that you can hang them or simply keep on the table and it always looks good and stylish.

A mirror. One with black frames.

Purrrfect. Isn't it??
I know it's a little bit a cliche... But who cares? I don't :D

There is a problem with the floor. Since they are old and the paint went off in some places. I'm thinking about coloring them in purple... Or I'll just use a dark purple carpet to cover the bigger part of the floor :)

Any way. I'll take the pictures of it and will show you the transformation on my blog. I hope it will turn out as I want. I really do. I need nice place to live. A nice darkly inspiring place for me and all my imaginary demons, fairies and so on :D


  1. have fun decorating :-) best part in moving for sure!

  2. A new place! How exciting! :D I look forward to seeing the pictures.

  3. You have good taste! I hope you'll post some home decorating pictures later. Good luck with the move.

  4. The new place is good, but I hate moving from the old one. All those things to pack and to move...All the boxes. So moving in is ok, but moving out sucks :)