The theme of the month: Outwear

Here it goes...The theme of the month: Outwear.
My most precious winter outwear is this custom made leather jacket :) I wanted it so much and I got it. It's really warm and can be worn during a cold winter and a mild summer as well. 

In a summer during a local festival two years ago.

And a cold winter. We have it quite cold in here during the winter.

Last year. It was freezing cold. Brrrr

This is what I usually wear with this jacket.

I just love those puffy ear-wears. I used to have 7 of them. But a cat we had destroyed them. I saved only few. These are my favorite ones. I have a dark blue ones too. Just can't find them at the moment :D I'm still looking for a coat since it gives more elegant look and I need it time to time. Maybe I'll be lucky to find it this winter


  1. That's obviously quite a versatile jacket! I like all those zippers.

  2. That coat is an excellent fit, and what great quality! Very cool. It looks perfect on you. I so love the fuzzy ear muffs, too! I can see why your cats would play with them. :)

  3. So cute! The jacket looks great. And awesome fingerless mittens, too!

  4. Rockin' jacket! It suits you perfectly.

  5. I love your jacket, very cute! :)

  6. Thank you for your nice words :) And thanks Kitty for this month theme ;)

  7. Great jacket! Stylish and warm.