Doll: Want one? Make one

As a curious person and as an artist I always try do do everything by myself. Tutorials made by others is viewed only in extraordinary way (I always precious them) :) That's how I am. I like to think, explore and find how to make something using my own knowledge. The same was with making a doll. I wanted a beautiful doll to sit on my shelf, so I made one. I made some more after that too. The first one was as a Christmas gift for my mother. It was a Victorian style lady wearing a black laced dress with a purple underskirt. 
The one I'm showing today is my second doll - Ophelia. 

 It's Gothic kind of doll with striped black and white stockings, green hair, black laced dress, a little wire crown with vale and a little hand bag. The hand bag had a mini mirror with blush in it.

The thing I love most is those bending stripped legs :) 

 All of her body: torso, head, legs from knees and hands are made from a a ceramic modeling clay. It drys and becomes hard in 48 hours. The lower body part and arms are soft. I wanted her to flexible.

 Stockings are painted on the legs and attached to the soft body. So she can bend her knees and make different poses.
All clothes and accessories are made by me as well as make up. She is a cute about 18 cm tall girl

 I gave it to my ex boyfriend's  mother as a gift. I'm a little sorry for it now... But well, what is done is done.

Next time: Cupcakes girls Constance;)


  1. That doll is so fabulous! I love the striped stockings, the clothes... the details are fantastic. It takes a variety of artistic skills to create such a doll - sculpting, painting, sewing. You are very talented. :)