Enchanted deer maiden: Steampunk and Mori girl inspire hair band

I made dew antlers during the free time. Ones were made to remake the Gothic Lolita hair band with the violin decoration. I found the antlers to be to small and it was bugging me for a while. Now they look much better and you can see them here.
The other pair of antlers was for a new hairband. And I wanted something different in style. So, since I'm kinda into this gypsy, Mori, fairy wood witch style during the summer (becouse it's hooooooot!! and Lolita is not the best thing with all its layers to wear) I decided to make the horns that would fit that kind of style. I think I did a good job :)

Mistress of Time

The old clock picture was saved for a very long time. Almost for two years. I just could not find a use of it, but it was so beautiful. And now it has its place :) 

White beads and beads carved from a real horn.

 Chains and little flowers. I hope soon to have a picture of it being worn.  I guess I need a mannequin head...