First ever bjd face up ...

As you know, I have a BJD deer - girl, that needed a face up. I ordered a sealer that lets the face up stay. It finally arrived and I decided to give a try.

It was really fun at first. I felt almost as god giving the life to this face, but then failing began. I failed lips, so I had to clean it all. It was not sealed jet, so It was no problem, but still, not so fun. I continued blushing her but my girl did't want to have the face up I had in mind. I had to clean and clean again little bad brushes and so on. I wanted a super natural face up for here , but some how I was ending with dark ones. Finally I gave up, and decided that this time I'll just play with it. I'll go with the flow and see where it gonna get me.

So, I painted and cleaned, added more dark colors, blushed the cheeks, painted the lips. And someone in me just wanted more darker shadow... so I submitted. And that's how it ended....

And here how it looks with eyes and wig on a doll...

I  see now that the eye brows are to high not to mention all the other things are not looking that good. I like the concept. Now, I'll know what to do to get it better next time. I hope :D It was nice. I did it quite fast. But We are having meetup soon so I'll have a chance to consult with ones that are good at this :D

I hope she doesn't look really bad. I know it's not good, but I hope it's not really bad at least. I've seen some face ups on Deviant art that were horrid and owner thought they did wonderful job. Be honest with me... but gentle :D

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  1. I agree on the eyebrows being a tad too high, but other than that, I see no flaw. Not that I have any experience with doll-faces, this is just my esthetics speaking :P

    Still, I'm a bit creeped out by your dolls. They're so eerie in their realism, like little fairies just waiting to come to life.