Because days come and go...

Hello again. The weather is wonderful here and spring is at its bloom. We are planing to have a meeting under the young sakura trees. We have a few planted in our city and usually they are not very generous in blooming since they are young. But as some of my friends reported, it should be nice view this year. We usually have a picnic with our dolls :D Sounds creepy? Well, we just bring them, have a photo shoot and some snacks and coffee or other drinks and chat. 

 I met my mother last week and I was talking how I finally can do a project in one day not dropping it for a whole month just because I did a wrong seem. And I told her how I made this beautiful Lolita outfit. Then she asked: "It's for that boy doll of yours?" And I said: "oh, no, he has a girlfriend now" And my mother just said "Oh......" :D I guess I'm a challenge for her. For a woman who meditates every day, does yoga,  goes to India time to time and tries to have a very open mind there is still some things that brings the "Oh" :D I know she accept that and that "ou" is a sign of trying :D But actually my dolls is much more to me. They are proof to me, that there is nothing impossible if you set your mind on it. Because the first time I heard about this hobby I had no doubt  that it was impossible for me to have a doll like that. Well, it wasn't :D

Brooch I made for my mom as a gift for Mothers day. 

The reason I met my mother was because I attended my grandfather funerals. He was an old man of 87 years old and had a few illness. It was not a shock for me. Still, it was strange. He laid in his coffin so unrecognizable... Smaller then he used to look. When the time came to close the coffin my aunt placed an old teddy bear next to him. It was his last wish. The teddy was old as my grandfather and I remembered how he showed that little yellow toy to me and you could see what an important memory it was to him, when he gently stroked it. At that moment I somehow saw him as a little child holding his treasury tight. And there was nothing more, just a boy and his teddy bear. I knew at that moment that he was at peace. There was no tiers. You don't cry when saying goodbye, because it's harder for the one that leaves to go. And I'm not a selfish person.

When I came back home, I found that I got a cold. Not that big but still not pleasant one. So that's where I'm now. I sold a few peaces from my new jewelry and that made me really happy. I love the idea that my work is carried by people around the world. In UK, USA, Australia, Sweden, Germany and so on :D I'm thinking of buying a world map at mark places where my jewelry has been send :) It like a piece of me is traveling with it too :D I just get exited every time I think about it :)  I ordered more details. So new works will be coming ;)


  1. my condolences to your loss, but it seems like you cope farily good with it.

    I'm one of the people who bought jewelry from you and I'm very excited! I hope the necklace looks as good in person as it looked in your post where I fell in love with it... ;)

    1. Thank you.

      That's awesome :) The three bats necklace. Sent it today :) :D It would be super wonderful if you would send me a picture of you wearing it. I'm thinking about asking people who bought my jewelry or will buy in the future for photos of them wearing it. It's so amazing to see someone enjoying your work :D
      my email deadlycherries@gmail.com