Strawberries and denim jaket

Here comes an outfit post. Always easy to make and almost always fun to read (or watch). 

 This skirt for sure needs bloomers. I Usually wear ones, but this time I skipped it and... I  wasn't that relaxed every time the wind tried to catch it. Luckily he was unlucky :D

Simple classic cardigan with fake pearl buttons wore over a simple T - Shirt. Topped with a denim jacket, flower decorated tights and black boots.

Oh, and a Ruby Gloom hand bag. I now somehow have a whole collection of different bags of this character. Though the cartoon itself did not amused me at all.

Nimphadora all big and black


  1. That's such a cool and pretty outfit! :D I love the shoes and denim jacket - the contrast between the "sweet" skirt and more "rock&roll"-like other clothes turned out great!

  2. Thanks. I'm glad you think that way. I like making coords with this skirt. It's so colorful :) And can be puled into many styles :D

  3. A casual loli :D! Very nice - I'd never seen a lolita with a denim jacket but it's an interesting match.

  4. It's one of my favorite jackets. Very comfortable and have a pic of bleeding winged heart on the back. I like that sweet punkish look :D More me than just all sweet cord... even if it's in black. :)